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KatyN Thu 20-Oct-11 17:22:33

I'm on the final stretch and bought all the little one's bedding yesterday. I've washed it today and just bought it in from the line to see.. Horror of horrors that it expects me to iron it!

The Moses sheets are tiny and stretchy and curvy and ironing isn't my strong point at the best of times... Is there a reason why I should be ironing it or are John Lewis just being keen??

Thanks katy

annekins Thu 20-Oct-11 17:29:32

I'm not a fan of ironing so baby may have to deal with crinkled sheets...I think it may be a John Lewis thing!

Am more impressed that you were able to get it dry on the line today..tis freezing outside!

A x

blueskydrinking Thu 20-Oct-11 17:38:49

Nope definitely not. If you do it will be the one and only time you iron a stretchy moses basket sheet!

I've made a vow this time that my newborn will be wearing only bodysuits/vests and they will not be ironed. Maybe when they're 2 I'll reconsider.

grubbalo Thu 20-Oct-11 18:15:31

Sorry but having just had my third baby that has really made me laugh. It is the sort of thing I would have thought of for DC1 and then never again!

Sheets of all types get covered in sick, poo etc on a regular basis - so long as you keep washing regularly your baby will do just fine. There are much bigger things to worry about than ironing them!

I promise one day that you too will look back and wonder why you even considered it...grin

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