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Gestational Diabetes!..

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BelleRomford74 Thu 20-Oct-11 16:45:08

Hi, 22 weeks with baby no.3.. I am being tested for Gestational Diabetes in 2 weeks coz of a higher than reccomened BMI. sad
Never been teste before although I am sure I was more overweight with 1st baby!! This baby so far is correct size for dates so would I have noticed any other symptons?? Also if test is positive what happens then? What do I need to do to keep my baby healthy..?
Any advice welcome thank you xx

strawberrypenguin Thu 20-Oct-11 20:33:31

Hi, I have GD diagnosed with a GTT at 28 weeks. My baby was also measuring ok at the time but I came up positive and was put on insulin injections (not everyone who tests positive is so don't freak out! Some GD can be diet controlled) The test isn't too bad, you are hungry though so make sure you take something to eat straight afterwards, and the drink isn't the most pleasant but it's ok. If the test comes back positive the diabetes clinic at your hospital will advise you what you need to do - I've been seen every 2 weeks since being diagnosed and my care has been fantastic. I'm being induced on Monday (@38wks) as my baby is rather on the large size but if you want to ask anything else feel free to either reply here or pm me and I'll do my best to get back to you. There is a GD support thread as well but it's got rather quiet lately so may be time to start a new one! My advice (after all that rambling sorry about that blush don't worry until the test results come back and know that is manageable if they come back positive.

cherrysodalover Fri 21-Oct-11 02:57:29

I think they are really careful-I am only slightly over my BMI - maybe 27 as i did not shift the last 12 pounds after no 1 so went into pregnancy 2 at 156 pounds at 5 6 instead of my usual 142.Anyway they have suggested I try not to put on more than 12 pounds for the entire pregnancy to avoid another whopper of a baby- i put on 50 pounds first time round.Fat chance as I am 7 pounds up at 16 weeks already.
Anyway I am going to a gd info session to find out how to lower my sugar intake to avoid gestational diabetes- the advice is try to cut sugar totally-no fruit juice or even breakfast cereal allowed never mind ice cream or chocolate.I was pretty shocked but will follow it to try and keep my weight gain down.I did not think I was too bad frankly at 12 pounds over my fighting weight but they just want to maximise chances of healthy outcome.

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