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Just had good news from CVS test - anyone going through it hope it helps!

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BertietheBump Thu 13-Oct-11 15:58:27

Just wanted to post my recent experience which hopefully will help other mummys.
I am 14 weeks, had my 12 week scan NF test was fine 1.2mm. So went on my merry way not expecting anything bad. With my little girl was 1 in 13,000.
Week ago Tuesday go the call to say I was high risk 1 in 120. Advised could have CVS test the next day which we decided to do, then had the week wait to find out the results.
Can honestly say it was a horrendous week waiting for the phone to go, until last night the call came with the good news that the DS result was negative.
If anyone is in the same boat my thoughts are with you, just remember most get a postiive outcome..


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