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Washing baby clothes...?

(24 Posts)
MrsSSB Tue 11-Oct-11 20:18:16

Just finished work today - yay!! And making a plan to pack my hospital bag and sort stuff out over next few days...heard lots about washing new baby clothes, but just wanted to check what others are doing??
Firstly - why do u need to wash them?! And if u do...then obv u can't exchange them if they r too big/small...?!
I dunno why its confusing me do much...but would love to know what others r planning...

Flisspaps Tue 11-Oct-11 20:22:12

You don't have to wash them, it can be nice to and then you know they're clean but there's really no need. I did with DD, I won't bother with any new stuff we get for DC2, waste of time and effort.

YougreatPumpkinmousse Tue 11-Oct-11 20:22:19

I would wash the stuff you need for the hospital and first few days home. New clothes have a chemical coating on them and have often been sitting around in the backs of lorries/store rooms not something you want on your fresh new baby. You can then wash as you need once you get home.

Allboxedin Tue 11-Oct-11 20:23:34

I know lots of people do, but I didn't last time and I am not this time.
I think it may be because of chemicals they use in new clothes or something but then washing the stuff will have it being treated with chemicals too.
...TBH I got a lot of newborn stuff last time I never used. People always tend to buy you newborn stuff and they grow out of it so quickly.

Flisspaps Tue 11-Oct-11 20:24:47

By the time your baby is a few days old, half the beautifully washed stuff will have poo stains on it, and you'll gladly grab anything that you can to stick on. New clothes that have been bought as presents, fresh out of the gift bag and with the tags ripped off with your teeth.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 11-Oct-11 20:26:36

I washed new vests and sleepsuits for both ds's but didn't bother with outer clothes.

MrsSSB Tue 11-Oct-11 22:11:08

Cool...thanks for t replies ladies! I'm not convinced that washing is totally necessary tbh..maybe if I get too bored of daytime TV I might decide to wash a few things!!

Surely t chemicals would be safe for newborns - t clothes don't come with a 'wash before use' ...hmm

sleepevader Tue 11-Oct-11 23:16:00

This will give you an idea why

StetsonsAreCool Tue 11-Oct-11 23:21:44

I washed everything of DD's before she wore it for about 12 months. It's not a safe assumption to make that a chemical used in manufacturing is ok next to your (or your newborn's) skin.

I can't be bothered to wash it all before use now, although I still try to.

Anyway, aside from the chemicals, you don't know where the cloth was hanging around before it was made into clothes, or how many people have dropped the clothes on the floor and stomped on them, or what has been crawling around them while they're in a stock room or warehouse. Paranoid maybe, but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen wink

Besides, they smell so nice when they're washed smile

StetsonsAreCool Tue 11-Oct-11 23:22:47

Or what sleepevader's link said smile

TimeWasting Tue 11-Oct-11 23:25:48

DS got a rash when we put him in a vest that hadn't been washed when he was newborn.

MrsSSB Tue 11-Oct-11 23:52:00

Gosh...ok, that link has made me change my mind, guess I was just being a bit lazy...

Adding wash baby clothes to my To Do list!!
Thanks ladies x

startail Wed 12-Oct-11 00:01:28

If your or DH are prone to allergies wash them if you aren't, I wouldn't bother.
Especially don't buy or wash much first size stuff. Unless you have tiny tots* like me, you'll only need it for 5 minutes.
And if you do have a tiny tot, friends will be falling over themselves to
Lend you all the first sizes clothes their child hardly wore.

Beesok Wed 12-Oct-11 06:14:55

I washed and ironed everything blush probably will only ever do the ironing once smile but it does make the little vests and sleep suits look better and they are much softer (didn't want to use softener).

The little outfits (to be fair - TONS of them are like-new hand me downs so not feeling too guilty) are all hanging on tiny white wooden hangers and my baby's wardrobe looks like a shop grin
I know this will only last 5 seconds once she's born but it was nice to do it smile

Tortoiseinadarkspell Wed 12-Oct-11 06:20:14

Washing new baby clothes is one of the few things I did do for pfb, and now for #2. To the point where every time someone gave me clothes in the early weeks I would thank them nicely and then think ffs MORE laundry.

Er, but, you know that there's really no point in exchanging clothes that turn out to be too big, right?

sleepevader Wed 12-Oct-11 07:54:08

One thing I'm less fussy about this time round though is exclusively using non bio. I have decided unless baby has sensitive skin I will mix it in with normal wash although I do have non bio in the house too.

BartletForAmerica Wed 12-Oct-11 16:37:41

I washed everything (and still do) that DS was going to wear. I am not sure that I have ever ironed anything for him though.

Bumpsadaisie Wed 12-Oct-11 16:47:46

It's totally unnecessary but I think washing and ironing the clothes is kind of like feathering your nest a bit and preparing mentally for the baby. Good to do very late on when baby is nearly here!

IssyStark Wed 12-Oct-11 17:00:19

Actually I would say it definitely is necessary - if only because when I started getting less precious about washing the garklet's clothes, he then developed a rash on his neck from a new, unwashed top.

Clothes do have finishing chemicals in then to help stop them crease in transit etc. For young babies it is a good idea to wash stuff first in case they react to them.

starfishmummy Wed 12-Oct-11 17:08:29

I wanted for Ds but he was so tiny it was all too big. As he was in hospital for a while we were asking relatives to get him tiny stuff which we just had to use unwashed and it was fine.

NoobyNoob Wed 12-Oct-11 17:39:35

I washed everything with DS and intend to when my DD is born. Aside from the chemicals already in the clothes, one of the main reasons was the smell of the fabric softner!

It was wafting all through the house in the weeks leading up to his birth. The smell takes me right back to the cold, snowy Feb in 2010 when he was born. Still use it today, lovely smile

BabyAcorn Wed 12-Oct-11 19:04:06

Silly question but to go with all of this conversation do you then need to wash the babies bedding bits?

I washed everything and ironed it, very sad and takes forever but now am getting knitted pieces i dont think i'll be bothering, from every one else's point of view seems like it's a nice bonding moment , which is what i was going for smile

Beesok Wed 12-Oct-11 19:22:29

BabyAcorn I washed bedding, blankets, towels, muslins ( blush) - everything smile and in a separate baby suitable detergent. I actually waited until I had everything together (whether bought by me or received as early gifts/hand me downs) so had a couple of piles which I then washed and ironed - it took me 4 days but I enjoyed it smile I had a lot of time off and feeling great so that's how I spent my mornings - ironing + daytime tv - never thought I would be doing that ;)

I also hand washed some soft toys we got as presents which will be used mainly as decoration in the room but I was in the laundry swing smile

I actually found it very relaxing and enjoyable to tidy up and prepare her room and closet - talked to her all the way through it and I am very happy with how it looks and can't wait for her to come and mess it all up!

loverocky Fri 14-Oct-11 21:22:56

i've already washed alll baby cloths new and from previous bubba. i wash the new ones because i don't like the thought of " i dunno who's hands have been on them whilst they have been in the shop", so it reasures me that the cloths are clean and soft and smell lovey for the new one. obviously from previous baby because they have been in storage and need a wash as they have been used before and well i like the cloths to be as soft as they can be for baby. i always wash baby cloths inside out, dunno why but they seem to turn out nicer that way smile

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