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6 Weeks Pregnant, Brown Discharge, Please Help

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MrsMyott Wed 28-Sep-11 12:35:40

We found out we were pregnant last week after only a few weeks of trying. I am 6 weeks tomorrow but for 6 days I have had brown discharge, not enough for a sanitary pad but a pantyliner and on wiping. Sometimes it's very light sometimes a bit more. No pain just a sort of dull ache for a couple of days but nothing now. Went to the Dr's said there was no point doing a scan as it was too early (when I was 5 weeks). Had HCG test done, result was 1612. Having another one today to see if it has doubled. It's very hard not to get excited as I am also very worried that it could be a sign of early miscarriage especially after reading a lot of forums. Any advice would be great. Thanks

Spellcheck Wed 28-Sep-11 12:40:02

Have you been using Dr Google?? I do it all the time and worry myself stupid. It's not unheard of to have brown discharge - only worry when it's red. I had brown blood at 7 weeks with my 2nd dc and had a transvaginal scan, all was normal and they said they see it a lot and not to worry, so if it continues go and see doc again next week. Could be something to do with implantation? x

PamBeesly Wed 28-Sep-11 12:50:11

Hi OP brown blood is old blood and very often it can be implantation bleeding at around 5-6 weeks. If you have any pains or bright red blood go back to your GP but the doctor is right, a heartbeat most likely wouldn't show on a scan now and it would only worry you.
I think you should try (and its not easy when you are worrying, I've been there) to relax, lay down on your left side and take it easy. I found going out and getting fresh air and helped me calm a bit. Good luck

pruney1977 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:21:06

I had this around that time for about 3-4 weeks. It was only really on wiping, not enough for a sanitary towel. I did speak to the doctor about it and he said if it's bright red or clots, to get back in touch but it was probably old blood just from the cervix and nothing to worry about.
Turned out he was right as I'm now 28 weeks pregnant but I still remember telling my husband that I knew I was miscarrying such was my worry.
I never got my HCG levels tested or requested an early scan partly because I knew that if I was miscarrying, nothing would change that at such an early stage. I just felt what will be will be but not everyone is the same, some people prefer to know. I also peptalked baby to hang on in there blush, seems silly now but it helped me remain positive.
Good luck, I'm sure all will be fine.

mumt1 Wed 28-Sep-11 21:49:38

Hi, just a bit of reassurance, I'm 10 weeks pregnant and been bleedin/spotting brown and reddish discharge/blood for errm 4 weeks nearly, so since I was 6 weeks. And I have had 3 scans, all is going good. Had one yesterday infact and they where very positive that its so common and brown bloods ok. There are many causes that cud be causing the bleeding. Sex? Although me and my partners been avoiding tht and I still bleed. Just take things easy. And I no its hard not to worry, iv just been toilet and there was blood, again as usual, even though I had my scan yesterday I still worry. Its natural. So just relax and think positive, this has happened to many women who have gone on to have very sucessful happy babies! Best of luck <3

WishIwereAtTheWiesnProst Wed 28-Sep-11 22:10:55

totally normal, and had it with dd (who is currently poking me in the face and trying to steal the mouse)

Midgetm Thu 29-Sep-11 07:44:33

If it helps I had this when I had my DD for most of the first trimester. When I have had m/c's it does tend to be blood red. I would be concerned if pain increased and/or it changes in colour. Old blood coming out is pretty standard and can happen all the way through a pregnancy. If you are still worried insist they scan you at 6 weeks as you can then detect a HB. Try not to worry, chances are it is nothing sinister.

womanlytales Thu 29-Sep-11 10:32:11

I too have a similar story to mumt1 - Am 10 weeks and had brown spotting (very little on a liner and sometimes only when I wipe) that has been off and on since 4 weeks. Initially thought it was implantation and then when it reappeared at 5wks was a bit bewildered. Had a 6 wk scan and doc was totally dismissive of the bleeding because they couldnt identify any reason for it near the fetal sac. it then reduced and picked up again at around 8 wks just in time for my mid-wife appt in wk 9. they sent me to the epau where they identified a bleed - said it was small and in a good position - so not to worry and come back if there's only fresh blood. Since that scan, ie in the past week I have had continuous brown spotting... It is VERY hard not to worry, that's for sure. However there is not anything anybody can do -- a scan might give you more information or not / Everybody's bleed is different so we're on our own to continue forward...

I find that when I rest / lie down it helps. So I try to find ways to sit back and relax on a sofa during my work breaks. I also find thinking of happy things that happened to me in the past also really infuses me and through me my little one with joy.

I wish you the very best and hope this is just a temporary niggle.

pregnantmimi Thu 29-Sep-11 10:39:32

just to make you feel better I had bright red blood and cramps every 3 or 4 weeks lasting 5 days each time bit like a period upto 15 weeks and baby fine im 28 weeks now no bleeding so it looked bleek but was fine so its not always bad news when you had bleeding. I know it wont stop you worrying thou. Also does it happen after sex? Your best just having a scan I did at 5 weeks 6 days and detected a heartbeat had to have a internal scan thou.

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