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Stupid Hormones

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themightyskim Sun 25-Sep-11 14:15:51

So far today Ive had a serious craving for wall paper, Ive had to have words with myself because there is a tiny loose bit in the bedroom and I just know it would taste good if I ate it and then to cap it off ive just had a fifteen minute cry because Im not married to my OH (marriage is something ive never been interested in) and my baby wont have my surname when its born!!!

I think I just need to know that at least a few more people are suffering with hormone induced Sunday madness before I crack up blush

Im off to find my sweetie stash before I really do eat that wallpaper......

Oeisha Sun 25-Sep-11 14:28:39

STEP AWAY FROM THE WALLPAPER.....ignore it in to grapes, or maybe prorridge/allbran (seems awfully like slighty liquid wallpaper to me)... Pica should never be given in to.... name, you could give baby your name...nothing stopping you. Or you could double-barrel it? <<<HUGS>>>

themightyskim Sun 25-Sep-11 14:32:48

oooh porridge, not at all what I fancied but sounding very very tempting now as you have mentioned it with a bit of banana on top grin I cant believe I want to eat wallpaper? what is worng with me?!

and as for the name, tomorrow I wont care I dont think, just a bit of hormone madness to brighten my day! ahhh to be relitively normal again

Oeisha Sun 25-Sep-11 14:43:25

Hehehe. Porridge it is then!
There's nothing 'wrong' with having Pica...just ignore it...pica has the tendancy to be accepted as a quirky thing, but can lead to mums lacking in nutrients as they're filling their tummy with the pica least porridge is healthier than wallpaper!
<<more hugs for the crying anyway>> I hate being a hormonal wreck. Luckily it's not happening too often to me (you should have seem me dropping off my boy at the vets for a dental Monday, tears and snot everywhere). My only worry is that it might not go away totally!

Northey Sun 25-Sep-11 14:43:33

Mmm, wallpaper. Yum. You could have a May baby thread party and just point us at the wall.

I cried over not being married too, specifically not being proposed to because I was pregnant. This is despite never having wanted to be married (not since I was old enough to form a proper view on it), having discussed this several times with my partner, and being the kind of person who would think it adorably old-fashioned but frankly a bit patronising to be proposed to to Save Me From Being An Unmarried Mother. But boy did I howl.

themightyskim Sun 25-Sep-11 15:06:47

Northey that post could have been me! Ive made it clear to OH that I dont want to get married and yet here I am feeling let down that he hasnt offrered, the poor lad will be glad hes out of the house I may not share that gem with him blush

and Oeisha thanks for the hugs Im not used to being such a wingey little sod pregnancy appears to have made me human! Ive got my pair fighting over a sock on the bed, they dont half cheer me up even if the dane does keep trying to sit on my tummy smile wouldnt it be awful of the hormonal side stayed as laid back as my OH half is I know he will be thankful for this stage to dissapear

Northey Sun 25-Sep-11 17:35:46

The ridiculous thing is that even if he did propose I don't think I would be sobbing out an ecstatic and grateful "yes" in any case. So I have no idea why I felt upset at the lack of offer.

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