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Pregnancy snacks for hungry sister!!

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Zebra1234 Wed 21-Sep-11 18:02:29

Hello all,

I am trying to make something yummy for my pregnant sister and was wondering if I could have your ideas. I plan to cook her a tasty snack from scratch (I know she is fed up of consistently eating carrot sticks and various dips!) but have no idea where to start! I was thinking along the lines of broshetta or something including meat but am open to any other suggestions!

Thank you xx

MikaelaL Wed 21-Sep-11 18:07:30

That is such a nice thing to do! I wish my sister lived nearer!!!

How far along is your sister? At around 5 - 8 weeks I craved carbs on carbs with a side of carbs. Now (at 11 weeks) I just want anything thats warm...mostly spagetti hoops on toast as its almost instant!
I'm having Shepherds Pie tonight and am in danger of wolfing it all before my husband gets home!

I'm pretty sure whatever you make will be well received!!

Good luck!

Missgiraffe1 Wed 21-Sep-11 18:18:30

Me too! Can I adopt you please? I am almost 7 weeks and eating toast like it's going out of fashion. Have been feeling quite sick and tired so I'm also a bit uninspired, so I think your sis will appreciate whatever you make her (mosly because it involves zero effort on her part!).
Bruschetta sounds like a good idea. You have inspired me to buy some of those crisp bread thingies and get some sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella.
Mmmmmmm, am hungry now........again.
A nice fruit salad might go down well? I would love lone, if only I could be bothered making it! (don't like tinned stuff)

Iggly Wed 21-Sep-11 18:20:54

Cakes grin

How far along is she? Does she prefer sweet or savoury (I go over board on savoury snacks but some people prefer sweet)

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