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hot flushes

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Snakeears Sun 04-Sep-11 08:50:10

I know labour starting is a hormonal thing so is the fact that I have started getting really noticeable hot flushes a sign that it might be getting closer or am I clutching at straws..? (37weeks)

MsChanandlerBong Sun 04-Sep-11 19:08:15

Oooh I hope it is! I had one earlier (38 + 3)!!!
Anyone got any words of wisdom, or are we both clutching at these hot and sweaty straws?!!

Africagirl1 Sun 04-Sep-11 19:33:00

I have had them from about 24 weeks (now 32) but only when I sleep. Some nights have to change my pjs I am sweating so much

Snakeears Sun 04-Sep-11 19:35:42

fingers crossed!

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