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Transverse lie worries (31+5)

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EmmaCate Wed 31-Aug-11 12:01:05

I'm getting a bit spooked about my baby, who seems to often be in a transverse lie.

(S)he wriggles about lots and I'm worried (s)he'll get all wrapped up with the cord. My Mum was born OK with a double cord wrap and I know it's common, but you hear lots about it causing stillbirths and stuff.

I am overweight but most people say I carry it well because am tall - I mean if you looked at me you wouldn't think of me as really fat - but it's still a risk factor isn't it? My first baby was 9lb 11oz born naturally and I'm wondering now if my womb got really spacious after that, giving DC2 room to move. Just wanted to hear from any other Mums who can empathise with this and who have any advice.

I read the 'Count the Kicks' post and will monitor DC2 against ther advice, which should at least help me to keep stillbirth worry in perspective. I also have antenatal this Friday so will express my concerns and ask if I can come in every 2 weeks now, rather than three. May be due to do so now anyway.

Rest of pregnancy fine - no weirdness in any of the standard monitoring tests.

Thanks everyone!

icravecheese Wed 31-Aug-11 13:34:50

My baby is currently lying transverse (baby no3) at 33+wks. The midwife thinks that this is probably because it is my 3rd preg so my uterus has gotten big and baby is making the most of the space. So yes, your theory about previous large baby could be spot on....
I also have an anterior placenta this time so monitoring kicks is a little more tricky (feels so different to previous 2 pregs with posterior placenta).

I also have a low lying placenta (at 20wk scan, another scan tomorrow to see if its moved up) & this could also be an explanation - if placenta still low, might be causing baby to stay up high in transverse position. But will find out tomorrow if thats the case.

I read the count the kicks website & am being careful to monitor you, I worry about baby getting tangled up, however am pretty sure I'm having a c-section this time so perhaps not so much of a risk as a vaginal delivery?

However, if you still had a transverse lie baby at, say 35wks, I should imagine that they will scan / do further monitoring to determine position of baby. I believe transverse lie babies lead to 'unstable lie' and from other posts on mumsnet, mums get admitted for total best rest before due date to make sure the risk of cord prolapse is minimised.

Anyway, sorry for long waffly post, just wanted you to know you're not alone in your worries / concerns! In fact today I havent felt a huge amount of mvmt from baby so i'm planning on calling the preg unit to go for monitoring if no improvement by this evening - however my babe often wriggles alot in afternoon / evening so will wait & see.

Good luck,keep us posted with your progress... if anything interesting / good advice comes out of my scan tomorrow morning I'll be sure to post & let you know x

del1 Wed 31-Aug-11 13:56:43

Hiya, my number 3 was transverse and breech, up untill about 37 weeks.
I was supposed to go in to get it turned, so just spent two whole nights with my arse in the air, and crawled around the table for hours.

I Did my back in, but was worth it, as when I went for the EVC, I had managed to turn it head down within the 2 nights.

I am due this sunday, and havn't a clue what position it is in now, as it moves around so much still !!

Hope the midwife can put my mind at rest when I see her tommorow.

I have also been told, that I will have a 'slack' uterus, due to it being my 3rd in 3 years. Charming! shock

EmmaCate Wed 31-Aug-11 14:05:21

Many thanks for your quick reply icravecheese (know how you feel) - will do. I hope your scan gives you a good result in terms of explaining things - my placenta is high/posterior so I don't have that as a possible cause.

Will check out some of the unstable lie threads. Total bed rest will be an arse for everyone else if it comes to that, given we hope to move house sometime soon and will have probably no childminder available for DS1...

Waffly is good by the way x

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