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pregnant for 10 months? I thought it was 9 months.

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pregnantmimi Tue 30-Aug-11 06:26:23

Getting confused my husband keeps telling me woman are only pregnant for 9 months but my due date is 10 months after the first day of my last period .

I know I prob concieved 2 weeks after so it will be technically 9 and half months my due date but does this mean I will be 2 weeks early?

I have been trying to work it out I looked on the internet and saw that because some months have more than 4 weeks in this is why is 10 months but still confused can anyone explain it to me or is anyone else confused like me!

activate Tue 30-Aug-11 06:35:52

its 40 weeks roughly

there are not 4 weeks a month, there are 30.42 (30.5 in a leap year) = 4.4 weeks

everybody dates from date of last period

and you can be full term from 36 weeks to 42 weeks


pregnantmimi Tue 30-Aug-11 07:07:20

Thanks for your answer I think I understand it a bit more now. I have just been on the internet working out exactly when I might go in to labour and it is roughly the same as the due date I have been given. I read as well that woman are generally pregnant 38 weeks but some people count it as 40 cause the first 2 weeks they are not pregnant. Its interesting to read about but I guess the baby will just come roughly at that time maybe over a week or a week or early or more so excitedxx

AlpinePony Tue 30-Aug-11 07:07:50

A month is not 4 weeks.

VFVF Tue 30-Aug-11 17:26:35

Yes it came as a shock to me too grin but for my first pregnancy my LMP was mid February and my DD was born mid December, 10 months later exactly! And I hadn't made a mistake with my periods!
If it helps it would only have been 9.5 months if DD had arrived on bloody time!

pregnantmimi Tue 30-Aug-11 19:13:45

Thanks for your replies I have got my head around it now xx

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