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Blood after bowel movement

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cupcakeandtea Thu 25-Aug-11 16:02:28

I'm 9 weeks today. Saw heartbeat last week but because I'm horribly constipated I had to erm, strain today and there was some blood (fresh, red blood) afterwards which was definitely vaginal. I’ve been googling like mad and it seems pretty normal but I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced blood after a bowel movement? Oh the joys of pregnancy!

KatyN Thu 25-Aug-11 16:36:51

I had quite a bit of bum blood (as it nicely got named each time I phoned my DH in tears) but i'm pretty sure mine was from my bottom. The only way I could check was after 'just' having a wee checking it wasn't there.. so something in the poo was making me bleed.
I spoke to MW, GP, and another GP when I was freaking out and they all explained (so maybe I should have listened properly the first time) it was just from the extra pressure due to being constipated... they recommeneded LOTS of fibre.. so a teaspoon on linseeds or (what I'm doing) bran flakes with extra all bran on the top for breakfast.. I've been having that for 3 months (OMG I didn't realise it was so long) and I've not had it again.

If it's vaginal blood, then I'd be tempted to ring your MW or GP to talk about it.. but you might need to poke around first to be sure (ohh the glamour!0


bigmacandhappymeal Thu 25-Aug-11 16:42:02

Hi cupcake I had this at 16 weeks in quite a dramatic fashion. Because of the volume of blood (which was definitely from my fanjita and not bottom), I went to A&E where I was scanned and happily all was well.

I would call your early pregnancy unit to put your mind at rest and also speak with your GP. After my bout of straining (I know, the joys...) the GP gave me Lactulose (a stool softener) which really helped. I also made sure I upped my water intake and moved around more (I'd been avoiding exercise) but couldn't have eaten more fruit and veg if i'd tried.

Oh the indignity...

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