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Pregnant and having a rough'ish time

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SmileyMS Thu 25-Aug-11 14:00:51

I'm hugely excited to be a first time mum; only 4 weeks to go and hugely relieved that I've got this far as I seem to have had a fairly dramatic pregnancy in comparison with my friends...all of whom seem to have sailed through with hardly any symptoms at all??!

Horrendous morning sickness, numerous bleeds, hospital stays and now heartburn that's brought on 3 hour vomiting sessions (thankfully GP's given me drugs which have helped)...I'm starting to feel such a fraud that I've been unwell so often. Everyone else I know seems to have sailed through pregnancy making it look really easy - how have you all found it?

Crosshair Thu 25-Aug-11 14:06:27

First 16 weeks I felt constanly nauseous and run down, back ache from about week 10 thats seems to be getting worse(21 weeks atm). Waking up with horrible hip pain like my leg is in the wrong place. I do like to moan though. grin

Renaissance227 Thu 25-Aug-11 14:11:39

I'm 31+4 at the min. From week 6 to week 18 I had horrible morning sickness and tiredness but only had one day off work. At the stage I am now I've had a few nasty UTIs and am feeling so tired it's unbelieveable but I feel like a fraud if I have so much as an afternoon off! Guilt is a horrible thing and I can't see to stop it! smile

harassedandherbug Thu 25-Aug-11 14:22:37

I'm 23 weeks today and had horrible 24/7 ms, in fact I'm still getting sickness every morning and occasionally during the day. Which is a bit rubbish tbh!!

Now I have spd and it hurts.

Feel like I'm constantly moaning......poor dh!

Bartimaeus Thu 25-Aug-11 14:59:53

It's annoying isn't it? I don't know any other woman in RL whos had it as hard as I have, and I haven't even been hospitalised!

Am 34+4 and so far :
10 weeks of serious vomiting
4 weeks of lesser vomiting (only once per day! hooray!)
Vomiting every couple of weeks through the rest of the pregnancy (just in case I'd forgotten how lovely it was hmm ) plus nausea on random days
Signed off work twice due to severe stomach pains when walking (which came and went throughout the pregnancy, I have them at the moment but am already on maternity leave)
Pain in legs
Lower back pain

Plus the usual braxton hicks / exhaustion / nightmares 3 times a night / difficulty sleeping....

But I haven't had anything not usually associated with pregnancy, and like you, feel like a bit of a fraud that I'm finding it hard! Everyone else seems to be managing far better than me envy

candr Thu 25-Aug-11 15:51:03

Feel for you all, I had awful first few months of sickness and bleeding gums, heart burn, piles, nose bleeds etc in 2nd tri I got restless legs then cramp which have both stayed and hurrah the sickness came back at 30 weeks so barely keep any food down and am up a couple of times each night so nooooo sleep for me. I have an extremely active baby who rolls a lot and it hurts while making you feel sea sick - apparently he is growing and I don't seem to be so big tummy contortions with very pointy bits. 4 weeks still feels like a long time to go so am sooo glad to be on mat leave and be grumpy with my own company rather than trying to be cheerful to my class. I hope the rest of you find some relief.

cravingcake Thu 25-Aug-11 16:01:31

I'm in the situation where a lot of friends are also pg at the same time and its almost a competition as to who is having the worst symptons & roughest time and its quite horrible some days (this is my first but for most of the others its their second). I suffered with bad nausea and sickness at the beginning & now (30 weeks) I'm struggling with breathing - I'm 5' nothing so baby is squishing up around my lungs already and I've been referred to respirtory phsyio. Add in the leg cramps, tiredness, being anemic, sleepless nights & mad vivid dreams I dont think anyone has it easy, just different ways of showing it to others.

I started getting painful BH around 24 weeks & was told by another pg friend that it was too early for me to have them & she made me feel so awful for asking her what they feel like so I have stopped telling them anything when they ask and just say I'm fine, slightly anemic & cant breath easily but otherwise good. Then have a good moan with my at my other half. Perhaps this makes it look to others that I'm having an easier time but really I just dont have the energy to discuss it with them.

cravingcake Thu 25-Aug-11 16:19:01

Have just re-read my post and it sounds like I have had it easy compared to what some of you are going through.

SmileyMS, no need to feel like a fraud, growing a little person is hard work! I had to remind myself of that when I had to take days off work during weeks 6 - 10 when if I wasn't throwing up I was feeling as though I was about to.

SmileyMS Thu 25-Aug-11 17:07:52

Thanks so much you've made me feel much better!! Think I need to get off the guilt trip and just realise that I'm having a different pregnancy to some others.

phlossie Thu 25-Aug-11 17:22:01

You're all making me feel better. I'm sofa-bound at the moment as eating too much Indian take away gave me chronic indigestion followed by a 3 hour puking session - literally emptying my stomach - and has left me with tenderness around my diaphragm and pulled muscle in my side! Plus I'm anxious that all that straining and heaving must have hurt my baby! I'm sure my last two pregnancies were easier than this! I'm 15 weeks.

Bumpsadaisie Thu 25-Aug-11 18:43:48

Smiley, don't forget, the harder the pregnancy, the easier you'll find the newborn stage to be!

All these people who have sailed through pregnancy are about to get the shock of their lives when baby arrives and their lives are so totally impinged upon! Whereas you have been soldiering on for 9 months of slog already, once the baby is here it will feel like a liberation (even tho you will be knackered!)

That was my experience.

Purplebuns Thu 25-Aug-11 19:32:37

That is so true Bumpsadaisie, my Dad was concerned at how ecstatic I was after having DD he thought that I might come down with a mighty bump. I didn't, I just find pg really hard!

kiki22 Thu 25-Aug-11 20:54:15

it is soo good to hear others are having as sucky time as me! if i hear one more person tell me it's worth it in the end i will scream, i know it will be worth it but does not make me feel one bit better.

Good luck all hope u all feel better

Purplebuns Thu 25-Aug-11 20:56:24

If I found pregnancy easier I would probably have about six children, as it is I am thinking two is enough! Maybe a third in the future when I have forgotten how awful it is. envy<< sick face

Bumpsadaisie Thu 25-Aug-11 22:56:05

Purple - yep, babies/children no worries at all. It's the pregnancy I'm hopeless at!

madmomma Thu 25-Aug-11 23:44:58

Shit. I bloody hate it. If it's not one thing it's another. I just feel ill all the time. It's like a bloody disability. Horrible! Glad you've only got 4 weeks to go. Take it easy & good luck.

Bartimaeus Fri 26-Aug-11 07:35:28

Oooh I hope the new baby stage is easier. I'm thinking it might be as I will "only" have the tiredness, stress and worry to deal with. grin

I also have a big baby but a fairly small bump (seems huge to me but then I go to an antenatal class and realise it's not that big) so baby stretches out and oh my god does it hurt! I didn't think the baby could hurt me that much - I was expecting a few kicks a day, not random jutting out of limbs that take my breath away.

Had also forgotten my allergies in April/May which were hell as I coudn't take medication.

DH and my mum have asked if I like being pregnant. I had to honestly say not in the slightest! I'm looking forward to the end product but there have been few moments when I've actually enjoyed having a baby inside me. The first kicks were lovely, until they started to hurt.

As someone else said, we've already had a 9 month slog (well, 7.5 for me for the moment) - again I didn't expect it to be this hard for the whole pregnancy!

Must stop moaning now. Am having a lazy day today as am so knackered. DH's orders! grin

phlossie Fri 26-Aug-11 08:47:17

I found my first 2 pregnancies pretty easy, and the babies really hard work. Let's hope that if this pregnancy is a hard slog as it's turning out to be, then baby will be a synch!

mumt1 Fri 26-Aug-11 08:47:17

So I think I might have a little moan to :D I've had one already he's 2 now. That pregnancy was so easy, was only sick 4 times and had a bit of indigestion and bk ache but nothing bad, so here I am pregnant again, only 5nhalf weeks and man do I feel rotten! Iv even had to go to see a gynocologyst and having an ultrasound soon because of all the pain! Its so hard when have got a toddler to run round after! And to top it off I start training to be a paramedic in september, how I'm gonna cope? God knows! I can see a very hard pregnancy ahead of me! Anyways I wish you all luck, and if it is ur first, then holding the baby afterwards is amazing, u forget everything uv been thru and when they look up into ur eyes o wow the best feeling! <3

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