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Aibu to hope I don't get hyperemesis second time round?

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isoldeone Mon 22-Aug-11 14:19:47

I'm five weeks gone . I'm so dreading it . I was so i'll last time. Off work fir 10 weeks - lost 3 stone in 10 mths !!! The books and Internet say I probably won't escape . Anyone out there escape severe hg 2nd time round? Give me hope!!!

Albrecht Mon 22-Aug-11 14:21:59

watchimg with interest.

Come and give us hope someone!

isoldeone Mon 22-Aug-11 14:32:19

Congrats albrecht - how far along are you? I think 5+4 . I feel slightly queasy . Week 6 /7 was the big kick off last time and it came on fast . I went back to work week 22 ish I think and vaguely remember being better with buccastem by the 20 week scan but I was vomiting right up to my ds making his appearance. I'm so pleased to be pregnant but dreading this . I'm older mum this time ( 38) but am gobsmacked to have caught first time again . Terrified nervous but also in a way wanting the sickness because that's what got me through last time. Everyone saying sign of a healthy baby etc. But now I have ds of 23 months it's a different ball game so trying to formulate an action plan !

Albrecht Mon 22-Aug-11 15:26:30

Oh sorry that was misleading. I'm not grin.

And ds WILL be an only unless someone comes on and says it was fine second time around.

Same with me around 6 wks and was floored by it. Like having an eating disorder, worrying about what was 'safe' (ie not vomit inducing) to eat and what to do about sick bags etc. Bleurgghhh.

I think I worried too much about healthyish food and limited the crap I ate. Read something recently that said the baby is not made out of the food you eat while pregnant but the body you have built over the years. So if doing it again I would eat a LOT of crap if that is what I felt would keep us going.

razzdazz Mon 22-Aug-11 16:06:28

Hi isold sorry, but I cant offer any promises on no hyperemisis either sad
I have had it in all of my pregnancies, of different sexes, usually gets me at 6/7 weeks all the way to the end. Currently pregnant again and just waiting for it to kick in again!! My midwife said that with true hyperemisis if you had it once you are usually gaurenteed it again angry. However, as cliche as it sounds, it is all worth it in the end wink

isoldeone Mon 22-Aug-11 16:58:03

Oh dear - I feel mainly ok at the moment . I'm almost doubting I'm pregnant . But 2 cheapies and a clear blue said different . By coincidence I have a previously schedule scan with gynae ward tomorrow. Am assuming they will still scan me . I have huge fibroids on outside womb so it was to check to see if I could get pregnant! Irony . God am I ready to do this again? Plus my employer will not be chuffed. Bad timing start of academic year. The year I was off results were crap because emergency supply useless !

SandyChick Mon 22-Aug-11 18:01:07

I had really bad sickness when pregnant with ds. I was sick from 6 weeks well into 20 ish weeks. Had a lot of time off work. Was on meds which helped.

I'm 7 week pregnant and my sickness so far I would say it more normal. Haven't actually been sick yet. Feel a bit sick of a morning then of an evening when I'm feeling tired.

I also had a scan booked prior to finding out i was pregnant to check out an ovarian cyst. I went for the scan last week and my cyst is gone. They didn't look for baby. I was supposed to be having an internal scan but they give me an ultrasound instead with me being pregnant. I had hoped to see baby on the internal one sad

isoldeone Tue 23-Aug-11 15:44:01

Thanks everyone. That's a shame sandychick - the scanographer in gynae was nice to me and did it today.

Well I gagged a little on my toothbrush and I'm eating as well as I can as usual.

However I stopped off at lunch at Mcdos (sorry) for a sneaky celebratory cheeseburger and fries. ( I rarely indulge honest!) My scanographer was so helpful and sweet - she checked my fibroids - both outside and the biggie has shrunk!!! Calcifying so might not be so painful this time. Then she offered to do an internal scan so I didn't go home wondering. My dates are probably way out but there was something there on the womb wall. Way too early for heart beats she thought. She booked me for an EPU scan two weeks today. This is my day off so can keep everything underwraps. Tis very early days so fingers crossed.

I guess I'm in the system now too early - hope I've not jinxed it. Que sera. que sera.

AlpinePony Tue 23-Aug-11 16:13:26

YES YES YES! I am an escapee! <runs around> <sniffs ponky cheeses>

Had a terrible time last time, puked nearly every day up to and including the day I had him, puked whilst I was having him - you get the gist... wink

This time ms kicked in earlier - 5+2 rather than 6+3. I cried and I cried wondering what the hell I was doing putting myself through it all again. Had a few crappy weeks - although not as bad as last time and not always requiring my trusty cyclizine. By ~10 weeks I was feeling nauseous, but not enough to stop me doing things - just enough to make me feel the pregnancy was viable if you know what I mean.

14+4 now and yes, I puked this morning - but it's been a couple of weeks. smile

I hope this is positive for someone.

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