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Twin scans

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WhiteRoses Sun 21-Aug-11 16:16:30


Hope you don't mind me picking your brains here... See, I went for a private early scan last week (7wks pregnant) and was told that I'm having twins. Two heartbeats, two seperate sacs. As far as the NHS goes, I've got my booking appointment with the midwife tomorrow (that's when I'll meet her for the first time) and I've been told that my "first" scan's booked for 13wks + 1day. I was just wondering if I'm likely to be able to get a scan any earlier than this, seeing as I know I'm carrying twins? I know it's supposed to be safer that my twins have the their own placentas, but surely it'd be worth checking up on them again before 13wks? Also, I've read (on Google so i don't know how true it is?) that the Downs Syndrome test can't be carried out on twins after 14wks - surely having my scan at 13wks + 1day is cutting that a bit fine too, in case the dates are a bit out (they were with my first baby)?


Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sun 21-Aug-11 16:19:42

I would push for an earlier scan. My first one was going to be at 12 + 1 and I am high risk at 45 years of age. I was almost in tears on the phone to the hospital as I was so worried about the scan being so late. An earlier one at 11 weeks has now been arranged.

Ask for an earlier one - a dating scan. That will put your mind at rest.


RosinaCopper Sun 21-Aug-11 16:26:09

Hi Whiteroses. Congratulations on your pregnancy, twins are so special, if a bit of a shock! Similar to you, I had a private scan at 7 weeks and found out I was expecting twins. My hospital doesnlt do the nuchal fold scan, and the bloods aren't accurate with twins, so I paid for a private nuchal fold at the same place I'd had my early scan done. The NHS scan was done at 12ish weeks and then an anomaly scan at 20 weeks. A bit later in the pregnancy I was scanned fortnightly, and then weekly, as my twins were Monochorionic / Diamniotic (separate sacs, but shared a placenta) making them quite high risk.
But they're fine and feisty little toddlers now!

WhiteRoses Sun 21-Aug-11 16:35:07


Thanks for your replies. See, I do really want to push for an earlier scan but just amn't sure how successful I'll be with that, cause at 25, average weight, fairly problem-free pregnancy last time round, the fact that I've already had a scan (albeit one I paid for myself), I just don't know what my grounds for arguing are if they decide to say no!

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere - so is this your first pregnancy? Was it a complete shock that it was twins? How far along are you now and how are you coping?!

Rosina - glad to hear that your little toddlers are healthy! Must have been very worrying being told that you're high risk. I can't remember what they said mine were (bad mum!) but it meant that they were definitely seperate placentas and seperate sacs, so I think that's meant to be good. smile Fingers crossed!

xkatyx Sun 21-Aug-11 19:35:31

Hi I had early scan at 6 weeks found twins.

Mine share a placenta but 2 sacs!

No you won't get offered any extra scans till 16 weeks .. Well that's what they do with me .. I have a scan every 2 weeks now up until 24 weeks then it will be every 4 weeks.

You will have extra appointments 1 with midwife also be under consultant care too.

toomanyopinions Sun 21-Aug-11 19:54:20

WhiteRoses- Congratulations! Contact your local hospital to let them know you are having twins as thy can then allow for a longer scan slot (they'll be grateful for the tip-off!) Let them know your dates too as IME twins are easier to scan for NT sooner than 13w babies tend to go very vertical when we want thn horizontal for NT- this is more achievable at 11.5 ish weeks- 12 ish.
Enjoy your pregancy! I'm done at 3 but would so love twins!!!!!

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