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pushing a pram after c-section?

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MummyAbroad Sun 14-Aug-11 21:09:55

Can any ladies who have had c-sections tell me are you able to/allowed to push baby in a pram after a c-section or is it a no-no?

IssyStark Sun 14-Aug-11 21:51:38

I was pushing the pram within days of my c-section but I had a good recovery without any cmplications. I certainly was out at for a walk when the garklet was about 5 days old.

thejaffacakesareonme Sun 14-Aug-11 22:05:43

I was up to a very short walk about 7 - 10 days post section. I found it easy though to do too much. I thought I was fine and would walk too far, only to find that I was really sore when I got home.

Sidge Sun 14-Aug-11 22:10:14

I did with no problems, by about day 3. Not up hills though.

Couldn't lift the pram in and out of the car though!

MothersRUsShop Sun 14-Aug-11 22:13:47

I did push it now and again to begin with but not too much....I was the same with not being able to lift the pushchair in and out of the car. Go really careful hun, as I over did it, after a couple of months I was hoovering and stuff and I then go an infection in my scar so took me ages to get over that to. Everyone is different though.


GlaikitFizzog Sun 14-Aug-11 22:15:06

Pushing it was fine, lifting not so fine. Couldn't walk very far for the first week or so as I had ankles as swollen as my knees.

I wasn't given a list of dos and don'ts by the hospital. Sent home with them saying, you'll know what you can and can't do yourself confused hmm.

I was driving short journeys, carrying the car seat back and forth to the car by 4.5 weeks post CS.

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