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bleeding and abdo pain at 15 weeks

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sam1983 Sun 14-Aug-11 10:53:16

Hi Just looking for some advice. I started bleeding and having abdo pain at 15 weeks. saw a doctor, they heard babies heartbeat which was great. felt the bleeding was due to erosion of the cervix due to hormones and not to worry. however 2 days later am still having abdo pain, not sure what to do

banana87 Sun 14-Aug-11 10:57:38

Did they not advise what the pain was about? Is it contraction like or constant? It could be stretching but with it accompanied by bleeding I think you need to be seen ASAP in a&e.

sam1983 Sun 14-Aug-11 10:59:33

its like period pain. the bleeding stopped th same day i saw the doctor. they never said much about the pain just to take painkillers. but unsure as to how long i should just take painkillers.

banana87 Sun 14-Aug-11 17:45:16

So are you currently bleeding or just having pains? I get intermittent period pains too and have been told it's stretching, and I am 25 weeks.

sam1983 Sun 14-Aug-11 21:17:03

Just pains now, went to the hospital and they said its just stretching, been given stronge pain killers. felt a bit silly.

LDNmummy Sun 14-Aug-11 21:22:37

Don't feel silly, I haven't bled but have had very painful stretching and also went to hospital.

I personally didn't take the pain killers because I wanted to be able to feel it in case it got bad enough that I felt it was worth going back to the hospital again.
Thankfully it didn't.

The docs are probably right so don't worry and I hope you feel better soon smile

sittinginthesun Sun 14-Aug-11 21:24:50

With my second, I had strong period pains every four weeks. Frightened the life put of me, but was told it was stretching pains. All was well.

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