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High iron/haemoglobin levels. Anyone else have/had this?

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janey223 Sat 06-Aug-11 23:51:41

My levels are high and have risen (14.1 at booking 13w, 14.9 at 17+2). I had an appointment about it last week but she didn't say anything other than they want to retest again just before my 28w appointment and that I've now to see the doctor for my antanatal not the midwives (unless I want to talk to them about anything apparently).

I've also now been contacted by a high risk study, nobody told me I'm bloody high risk now!

I wish they'd tell me what's going on but she said there's not much they will do before 28w, to get my bloods done a couple of days so they have the results.

Its a marker for preeclampsia which is obviously worrying! But my blood pressure is, thankfully, still at the slightly lower end of normal although it has increased.


Oh, and I've got to do my glucose tolerance at the same tone (booking glucose very good but both parents are type 2 and mum had gd before she was type 2), grr!

TinyDiamond Sun 07-Aug-11 00:51:50

I never knew these levels could be a problem. Mine were 14.9 until 35+ weeks where they lowered my midwife was not concerned at all. Infact she really congratulated me on them and said she was jealous as she's aneamic herself!
I wouldn't worry until you've had more info. Can't see them making you high risk cos of this surely

Beesok Sun 07-Aug-11 09:45:51

That is news to me too! My iron wast at 17 when tested in the beginning (week 14) recently it went down to 14.4 (am 30 wks) but no one said anything about high risk etc - everyone seemed to be happy that my iron levels are good :S
My blood pressure is low/normal and has been checked a lot and my random sugar blood test was OK so basically they said "no action required" on my results. They scheduled routine bloods again at 34 wks but even before she had the results of these so not related to results....

Keep us updated smile

janey223 Sun 07-Aug-11 11:22:06

So weird! They sent me letters about it being out of the normal range and when it rose instead of dropped sent me to the doctor!

Bloody nhs! So uncommunicative and variable'

Guess I'll find out a bit more at my 28 week and see what they think is going on.

And yeh, after the first test I called and they said it was a very healthy level but I need a retest because of the link to preeclampsia.


HauntedLittleLunatic Sun 07-Aug-11 11:32:55

Personally I would say that of has risen - on a scientific level. If you have repeat readings and there is a consistent trend then that is different but with only 2 readings and quite a small difference between them I would say that there may be an increase. So I wouldn't worry about this unless confirmed by further repeats.

Your readings sound as though they are the high side of normal...but key word there being normal. I think they are just being over cautious. Take the extra care as a bonus.

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