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Type One Diabetic 21 weeks Preg

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hawalkdenm2b Thu 04-Aug-11 18:05:30


I?m new on here smile.
I?m 21 weeks pregnant with a yellow bumpo and Type One Diabetic. I?m on the Insulin Pump, and just seeing who is pregnant and have Type One Diabetes already or just general advice smile.

Oblomov Mon 22-Aug-11 13:43:31

Sorry no one has replied. I am on a pump too and have 2 boys aged 7 and 2.

There are quite a few diabetics on here. Let me see if i can find a few of them and point them in the direction of this thread.

Bojangles and Tigger are both type 1's and Tigger gave birth to twins last week, so I am sure she has lots of great advice to give you.

How is your control ? How long have you been diabetic and how long have you been on a pump ?
Are you happy about the care you are getting ? My Consultant at Kings College Hospital was fab. Is yours ?

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