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it's not his head.. it's a fibroid

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KatyN Thu 28-Jul-11 19:05:25

I've got fibroids.. I knew that before but I thought they were very small.

Recently I've noticed a round hard(ish) lump by my tummy button and I was very excited because I thought it was my little one's head. sometimes it's easier to feel than others. went to the midwife who said it wasn't the baby it was my (newly) massive (6cm so massive to me) fibroid.

I'm REALLY dissapointed and feel really stupid.

Can anyone tell me how quickly they shrink after the birth too?


howabout Thu 28-Jul-11 19:12:44

Can't answer your question but would also like to know as I have 2 round about the 6cm mark.

Don't be disappointed as you are actually very lucky that your fibroid is well out of the way of the baby's exit route. I am very proud of my bump at the moment as my most recent scan confirmed that she has managed to bash her way past mine into the correct position!

KatyN Thu 28-Jul-11 20:46:21

well done your little one. We think mine might be using freddie (the fibroid) as target practice for his kicks!

I also found out I get another scan at 36 wks to check the fibroids so I guess I should think myself lucky.

idlevice Fri 29-Jul-11 06:05:01

They will just shrink down as your post-birth uterus shrinks down. I thought I still had massive ones a year after the birth but when I had a scan they were down to about 3cm & the rest of my tum was just fat blush

As an aside, are you aware of the possibility of fibroid degeneration during pregnancy? If not, look it up just to be clued up should you think it might be going on. It can possibly lead to preterm labour so should be taken seriously.

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