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Ooh, now they've got me all anxious about gestational diabetes!

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patchouligirl Tue 26-Jul-11 14:36:49

So here's what happened...

Went for my 20 week scan all okay, sonographer noted that growth was normal. Went to see my consultant about something else the following week, I mentioned that I'd had the scan and the baby was big (upper abdomen measured slightly above 95th percentile. He suggested that I might have gestational diabetes. Asked me a whole load of screening questions, answered no to all of them.

I wrote it off and tried not to worry about it, but then thought if I DO have GD, surely they should be treating me for it? So... called my midwife last week and she said to pop down - checked my wee and BP and measured my fundus - 24 cm, roughly in line with my 24 weeks, she said the consultant would need magic powers to know at 20 weeks that I would develop GD. Relief.

Yesterday I went to my 25 week appt with midwife and she measured my fundus at 29cm! They've booked me in for a sugar test next week to rule it out but I'm a bit anxious now as I have no symptoms but don't want to end up having a c-section or induced before my little peach is ready to come out.

Have had a little look on the internet (dangerous, I know) and it seems that little boys have a growth spurt around 26 weeks. Maybe I'm having a boy?

Anyone know anything about Gestational Diabetes?

Thanks x

apple99 Tue 26-Jul-11 14:55:01

I have measured large fir my dates since about 20 weeks but it has been consistently large (always about 4 cm's bigger than should be). If you have no other indications then it sound like they are just being cautious.

I had to go for an extra scan which showed baby measurements were fine and fluid measurements also fine, had no traces of protein in wee and bp fine so consultant said it was upto me if I wanted to do the test or not so I declined.

As far as I am aware it is a case of fasting from the night before and then having bloods, drinking a sugary drink and then more bloods. You don't have to have it though if you don't want to, although it may put your mind at rest if it comes back all clear.

pootlebug Tue 26-Jul-11 19:23:50

Bump measuring is a notoriously inexact science. From my experience, different midwives end up with completely different measurements (even on the same day), baby turning into different positions can push it out or not, a lot depends on fluid levels etc. I was sent for scan after scan because my bump was 'too small' in both pregnancies but my first child was 7lb01 and my second 8lb2.

As pp said the test isn't particularly arduous or invasive - fasting, then lucozade drinking, and bloods taken.

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