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Scan recall

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ImBrian Mon 25-Jul-11 09:40:44

At my 20 week scan they couldn't get a good look at the babies heart or take her stomach measurement. I was recalled and the heart was seen and measurement taken. The tummy measurement was right at the bottom of normal and all other measurements in the middle. They said baby looked fine. Just had a phone call asking me to go back tomorrow as they haven't kept some of the pictures, the woman was quite difficult to understand but she was the lady who had scanned me. Said they need to check some thing and the picture isn't there. I'm now panicking, has any one been recalled due to pictures been lost? Could do with a bit of reassurance, thanks.

5littleducks Mon 25-Jul-11 09:48:20

It has not happened to me but try not to worry too much - I think it is unlikely that she would not tell you if they were worried about something. Seems entirely feasible that they lost pictures.

Renaissance227 Mon 25-Jul-11 10:30:17

At least they are going to be checking again. They couldn't see my baby's heart clearly (due to the position) at the 20 week scan and they just say "it looks ok from what I can see"!!! That has worried me more than anything but they won't check again because the sonographer wrote that everything was fine!
Don't worry, just be glad they are on top of everything and bothered enough to check everything is ok.
Good luck but I am sure you will be fine.

mummyzoe2012 Mon 25-Jul-11 17:20:42

just think ur getting the chance to buba again, if ur cheeky enough they may give you a free print of the picci. i had two emergancy scans which they are suppost to charge you for the piccis but i got them for free.

icravecheese Mon 25-Jul-11 18:47:58

I'm guessing that they are probably meant to keep pics for their own files, & she hasn't kept enough from your scan & perhaps is being audited.... so maybe is covering her a*se more than anything by asking you to come back! My sonographer at my 20wk scan kept taking photo's saying they were for 'her' file.... i'm guessing there is some sort of protocol / record keeping that they have to follow for each scan. In any case, I doubt a sonographer would be calling you if there was potentially anything wrong with your baby (which I'm positive there isnt!), you'd have somebody calling to make a consultant appt instead. Try not to worry - & enjoy your bonus extra scan tomorrow!

ImBrian Mon 25-Jul-11 19:32:26

I rang the hospital back and spoke to someone else. Apparently they haven't lost pics but when they've looked at them there is possibly some thing wrong with babies heart. They spent 30 mins looking at just heart last week and said it was perfect so not sure what's going on. Will know soon enough though : /

icravecheese Mon 25-Jul-11 19:46:23

Oh no am sorry to hear that. Hope all goes ok tomorrow, at least they're on the case & already monitoring / doing extra checks.

Crosshair Mon 25-Jul-11 21:06:53

Hope everything is fine tomorrow.

5littleducks Tue 26-Jul-11 07:56:03

So sorry - I hope it goes well today. Cannot think why they decided not to tell you, it is disgraceful.

Wormshuffler Tue 26-Jul-11 08:21:42

Fingers crossed fro you, it looks like the sonographer must have sought a second opinion. Hopefully baby was just in an odd position and today will be fine x

Renaissance227 Tue 26-Jul-11 08:50:16

Fingers crossed for you today. Hope it all goes well.

I'm now thinking about getting a private scan to double check my baby's heart because they really didn't take the time to look at it properly and they tried twice!

ImBrian Tue 26-Jul-11 18:55:06

We have been referred to a heart specialist. Apparently baby has a perfect heart but the pulmonary artery divides inside the heart instead of when it comes out of the heart. The sonographers didnt seem to know what this ment as they say they don't normally see it that well/look at it. Have a 2 week wait to find out what's going on.

pootlebug Tue 26-Jul-11 19:12:13

ImBrian - You poor thing, a two week wait to find out what is happening doesn't sound fun at all. I hope that it turns out to be something that isn't too serious.

ImBrian Tue 26-Jul-11 19:59:00

Me too, against advice I've googled but can't find any thing resembling what they say they've seen. I've started a thread just incase some one else has had the same thing. Not looking forward to the next 2 weeks but have every thing crossed it's nothing.

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