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due next week and bored out your mind?

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purplehibiscus Tue 19-Jul-11 14:38:06

I am due next Thursday and bored out of my mind. I don't really feel like doing much so I just lounge on the sofa watching copious amounts of TV. I feel guilty that I am not out and about making the most of my pre-momihood days, but the guilt only makes me sink depeer into the couchsmile Any one else out there?

Badgerwife Tue 19-Jul-11 14:58:12

Well, I'm due on Friday and I have been feeling like this for WEEKS. I'm a bit of a tv addict and didn't think I would get bored, but there is only so much CSI you can watch in one day...

I don't feel guilty though, because I don't actually have the energy to do anything!!! You really do start counting the days, especially when you know it was perfectly fine for baby to come at 37 weeks and so what the heck is it waiting for???

purplehibiscus Wed 20-Jul-11 10:59:41

hey badger,

glad i am not the only one! i've started my tv marathon this morning. but still hoping to get out and about this afternoon. i try to trick myself by going out for icecream to motivate myself. i just know that i'll miss this quiet time in a few weeks but still i am bored!

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