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Does anyone know of travel systems, buggies, car seats that will fit the boot of a 54 plate ford ka - Help

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skeet29 Sun 17-Jul-11 16:42:42


Started looking at buggies/pushchairs today and to be honest i feel totally overwhelmed at all the extras etc that come with them!!

Anyway i wondered if anyone knew of any buggies, suitable from birth, that will fit in the boot of a ford ka, changing my car is not an option, so i need something to fit!

Thanks in advance

nannyl Sun 17-Jul-11 17:01:44

quinney zapp extra with a maxi cosi car seat

(though i have to say i dont rate the buggy personally but it does fit your specification i think)

Rootatoot Sun 17-Jul-11 17:54:57

I got an outnabout nipper 360 which fits in boot of ford fiesta. Don't know how much bigger/smaller a KA boot is. It doesn't have fittings for cat seat though it lies flat for newborn position. We wanted an off roader so good for us, but you have to think about what works for your life. Suprisingly, the phil n teds buggy also fit in our boot but only when you took wheels off which was a faff.

i'd have a think about what kind of thing you want, then go to a good pram shop or big mothercare and ask to have a go putting them in your boot. They were really nice at both mothercare and the shop we bought at in the end, letting us do this.

melliebobs Sun 17-Jul-11 19:03:54

Oh I look forward to the responses. I also have a KA brilliant runner when I was a student 4 year ago. Now a but impractical the boot is so small and a stupid shape I was looking at it this morning thinking no pram will ever fit in there!

samsmother Sun 17-Jul-11 19:38:43

Not sure what will fit but don't get a mothercare mychoice travel system as that definitely didn't fit unless you have a spare 20 mins each time you want to load it into the boot which with a new baby I certainly didn't have! I don't know any makes but what about those lightweight prams that fold small that you can place the carseat on top? Equally maclaren is suitable from birth but will depend on type of thing you're after. Never used the back seat for mine but maxi cosi pebble sat nicely on the passenger seat. Good luck

ksaunders Mon 18-Jul-11 08:28:35

I think my sister had an icandy in her Ford Ka. I seem to remember the shop let her try it out to check.

owlbooty Mon 18-Jul-11 08:52:57

I've bought a Babystyle Oyster. It's the smallest frame I could find and fits in the boot of my Yaris without removing wheels etc - worth a look perhaps?

The shop near me let me try and stuff their display model in the boot of the car; it's always worth asking if they will let you do that.

Likeaheadlesschicken Mon 18-Jul-11 08:58:32

My friend has a fiat 500 (same size boot to a ka I think) and a bugaboo bee fits in there perfectly.

skeet29 Sun 07-Aug-11 22:27:41

hey just to update for those that wanted to know i have been and had a look at the babystyle oyster, thankyou owlbooty for your suggestion, love the buggy, and it looks like it will fit in the boot of my KA yay!!!

Gonna go back next week to try it out in the Ka

thank you all for your suggestions, much appreciated !!

allthefires Sun 07-Aug-11 22:49:06

Babyjogger city mini almost Definately will too.

BikeRunSki Sun 07-Aug-11 22:57:21

I was going to say baby Jogger City Mini too, and you can put a Maxi Cois car seat on it. Lies flat for newborn too, but big enough also for my nearly-3 year old.

allthefires Sun 07-Aug-11 22:59:50

You can also get a carrycot too!

figgygal Mon 08-Aug-11 08:41:31

Another baby jogger recommendation from me because u can attach parts to effectively make it a travel system but folds flat. If it can fit the little shelf I have for the roof on my convertible it'll fit a ka no problem

cowboylover Mon 08-Aug-11 11:14:50

Don't forget to check the seat fits as the seat belts are shorter than average in the back

newbroom Mon 08-Aug-11 15:04:59

I have a 2006 Ka and a mothercare mychoice (4 wheeler) buggy - you need to take the wheels off to fit the frame in the boot but it does fit. I then put the carrycot on the backseat next to the car seat.

allthefires Mon 08-Aug-11 15:08:39

Definately check car seat first as suggested. I would be tempted to get one with a base if it's a 3 door.

I really wouldn't recommend Having the carrycot on the back seat. A unsecured load could be lethal in an accident. For this reason I can't stand buggies in footwells either.

YouDoTheMath Mon 08-Aug-11 16:48:34

I had a Ford Ka with my first - we used a Maxi Cosy Streety, which was perfect in the boot, and the car seat that came with it as part of the travel system was great too.

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