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I'm in agony - pulled 'rib' muscle. Does anyone have any advice?

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hollyw Sat 16-Jul-11 21:57:25

I've had a cough and have managed to pull a 'rib' muscle. I can barely do anything and now tonight I have done something to my shoulder too because of the way I've been holding myself. I can't lift a kettle , can't drive, it's agony getting in and out of bed and I'm still coughing which hurts like hell sad

I'm 37 weeks and am stressing that I won't be able to labour like this plus the house is falling apart round me and my hb is getting stressed as he can't cope with looking after me and the children whilst trying to work.

Can anyone offer any advice?


pregnantmimi Sun 17-Jul-11 11:42:49

I would suggest you go to see a chiropractor a mctimoty one is best they should sort it out for you if you not been before will prob need a consultation so be about 50 pound but week well worth it and mc timoty is betterdoesnt hurt at all. I work at a chiropractorsxx

Finn77 Sun 17-Jul-11 19:48:52

I had this in pregnancy, called a pulled intercostal muscle. GP said just grin and bear it, can take 6 weeks to recover which was the last thing I wanted to hear. The best thing I found was that if you need to cough, stand up as straight as possible with hands as if trying to touch ceiling, then cough..looks mad, but def a lot better.
Good luck.

hollyw Sat 23-Jul-11 22:10:22

Thanks both. Eek at the 6 week recovery. I've definitely felt an improvement in the past day or two (after a week of doing as little as possible and lots of extra bed rest) but it is still there. Must make sure that I don't overdo it now.

Not sure that I'll find a mctimoty chiropractor round here but I'll phone round and see


kwzlove Sat 23-Jul-11 22:37:39

Hiya - FWIW I had exactly the same happen to me, ripped intercostal due to coughing fit at 37 weeks, ooooohh, the pain! Went to A&E, who sent me to labour ward, (of course all in middle of night w/sleeping toddler in tow), who told me there 'wasn't much to be done, but at least baby was fine' wink

Seriously, the pain was just awful, I was literally afraid to breathe. I was very worried about trying to labour with it (6 weeks recovery?!?) BUT it really was much much better by the time I hit 40 weeks - didn't interfere w/labour at all. I just took a lot of paracetamol and took it very very easy.

Be careful, though, as I set myself back a bit - about 5 days after it happened I was feeling pretty good and spent the day out walking, cue another 2-3 very bad days. Easy does it! grin

hollyw Sun 24-Jul-11 21:32:03

Thanks KWZ. I've got to keep telling myself not to do so much - really difficult when I am in full on nesting mode at the moment! Yesterday I felt great but omg last night I only got about an hours sleep as it was playing up so much. I've taken it easier today so I'm hoping for a better night.


figgygal Mon 25-Jul-11 15:04:46

I feel ur pain I did this when I had flu and was convinced I'd broken a rib out was so sore took me couple of months b4 was fully gone and I could still feel it 18 months after when was a cold day and moved too quickly. I was told to take nurofen by dr as has anti inflammatory in it not sure if that allowed in pregnancy and as late on as u r?

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