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Strep B

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blueeyedmonster Wed 13-Jul-11 21:13:02

anyone have any experience of this and how it was treated? Even more so if you have short labours.

I am still yet to talk to my midwife but panic every now and again!

houseofheave Wed 13-Jul-11 21:16:48

Hi, I had GBS first pg and didn't know. I'll skip over the outcome of that one.

Second time around, I was under consultant care and went into the ward as soon as my waters broke. I had intravenous (sp?) antibiotics throughout the labour.

If they know you have active GBS and there isn't enough time to give you IV antibiotics then they will canulate your baby and give it to them after birth and keep you in for at least 2 days to make sure its OK.

GBS is only a problem IMO if they don't know you've got it. If they do, they can do proper treatment, so don't worry.

Lollyheart Wed 13-Jul-11 21:18:29

I had it in my last pregnancy, I got to the hospital about half hour Before my ds2 was born so didn't have time for the anti bs, all as fine with him, they took a swab straight away and we stayed in hospital for 24 hours to make sure he didn't develop any symptoms which thankfully he didn't.

Lollyheart Wed 13-Jul-11 21:20:41

There was lots of babies on the ward having anti bs, I don't know why but my ds wasn't offered them.

JenniL1977 Wed 13-Jul-11 21:27:17

My friend has just got out of hospital nearly 2 weeks after having her DD, who contracted strep b in labour. DD had it v severely though, and caught another infection as well; this isn't usual. The strep infection she caught was under very unusual circumstances as well - my friend was overdue, her waters didn't break early, none of that. She has had a long course of antibiotics in hospital, but she's well now smile
I asked my mw about it (I'm 35 wks) and was asking about how to get private screening - she gave me a nod and a wink and said that when I see her for my 36 and 38 wk checks, will I have had a heavier than usual discharge? Then if so she'd need to swab me and test for it. (she's telling me how to get it done on the NHS, bless her).
I'm having a homebirth - well, planning! - so if I need AB's in labour I want to know so I get my head round going into hospital.

PotteringAlong Wed 13-Jul-11 21:30:12

Hi-I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby and tested positive for GBS. My midwife's said to go to the hospital as soon as labour starts and i've got a big yellow sticker on my notes saying I need antibiotics. They've said that if I don't get them for 8 hours they'll keep us in for 3 days just to be sure.

Don't google! I did and ended up on some crazy American website which was not helpful, but there's a uk one which is very good and my midwife gave me an NHS leaflet that was really helpful.

I keep having moments of panic too but, as long as they know, then I think you're in good hands

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Wed 13-Jul-11 21:52:46

I had it in my first pregnancy. I had a private test (cost about £30) and is way more reliable than NHS one (which is why they don't routinely offerit).

I'm planning a HB with No2 (21 weeks now) and am not sure if I'll get tested tbh. StrepB can come and go and there is now some research that suggest IVAB are not that effective. Another option is to go into hospital in early labour, insist on an AB injection and then leave and have your HB.

I've also heard that garlic up the fanjo from about 30weeks can get rid of strepB. Need to do more research on that one.

Each to their own, but as a HB advocate there are many things that don't necessarily mean hospitalisation. HTH.

MrsArchchancellorRidcully Wed 13-Jul-11 22:04:01

Just looked it up and if you click on here and scroll down it talks about IV ABs not being so effective and how to treat with garlic. I'm going to try it.

moregranny Wed 13-Jul-11 23:00:09

My daughter has just had her baby by emergency c section, there was not time to give her IV antibiotics during labour so baby had IV penicillin for 4 days after, thank god all is o.k. Strep B should always be treated with antibiotics during labour, I am currently helping to raise money for an 18 month old boy who is severely brain damaged due to undiagnosed Strep B , this could have been avoided totally if it had been picked up while his mum was pregnant !

houseofheave Thu 14-Jul-11 18:56:51

If you've no sign of having GBS then I wouldn't spend too much time worrying, but you can put your mind at rest with the £30 test or one from your MW following potteringalongs advice.

If you know you have it, I wouldn't muck about with it. Believe me, spending a week with your child in the NICU with a GBS infection is hell. I didn't know I had it. DS was fine when he was born. 8 hours later he was in the NICU fighting for his life. It is hell. If you know you have it, don't piss about with garlic. Get the ABs.

neverlookback Thu 14-Jul-11 19:42:03

im going to test for it myself and send off the swabs i got the kit for free of internet and its £35 to send to lab, ive spoken to 2 midwifes about it both with completely diff views on it, which has confused me but ive thought i would never forgive myself if something happened and i had not took all the precautions i could.

I know that it often has no symptoms but if there any what are they? (if that makes sense)!!!

blueeyedmonster Thu 14-Jul-11 19:59:17

Thank you ladies for all your experiences and advice and i'm sorry to hear of those that have been through hell with it..

Looks like my baby may need to be canulated then. I know it's for the best but it breaks my heart to think of that happening. I don't see my chances of getting the full dose during labour if my last one was anything to go by sad

If that needs to happen though then that will be what happens, the health of my baby comes first and foremost in this.

maxbear Thu 14-Jul-11 20:07:25

blueeyedmonster why should your baby be cannulated? Can't they just observe it like any other baby whose mother has gbs? Lots of women who have gbs but don't know about it give birth without complications every day. There are risks to giving your baby iv antibiotics too, why give them unnecessarily, if you stay in for 24 hours they will keep an eye on the little one and it can be given abx at the first sign of any infection. This is likely to be ok if it is a normal sized healthy baby with no added risk factors. If you have had a previous infected baby or prolonged rupture of membranes, then obviously that is a different matter. I assume that you will be having abx in labour, if you read the small print (gbs society iirc) it states that if they are given 2 hours before birth then that will probably be sufficient to reduce the risk significantly, they just recommend 4 hours to ensure that people are aware and make sure they get to hospital in time.

MrsVidic Thu 14-Jul-11 20:09:18

I am 37 weeks preg with dd2 and tested positive at 15 weeks. I was in labour for 6 hours with dd so have been advised to go straight to hospital at first stage then hopefully get the anti biotics. I can still have a water birth and will have to stay in hospital for 24 hours

blueeyedmonster Thu 14-Jul-11 20:17:00

They could observe maxbear I hadn't thought of that I just assumed they would just put baby on iv ab's instead. I suppose it's something i'll ahve to talk through with my midwife.

I hadn't read that bit about the two hours thank you thats given me some hope.

MrsVidic that sounds very positive especially that you can still have your water birth. I've been a bit unsure as I wanted to do it all my way but maybe i still can.......
Good luck with your birth!

houseofheave Thu 14-Jul-11 20:21:47

As far as I was aware, if you have a known 'live' GBS infection, and no ABs are administered during labour; they're given to the baby afterwards as a matter of course.

You can choose to go for observation, but they'll recommend against it.

they wanted to give my dd IV ABs after birth, but as I'd had 3 lots of IV ABs during labour, I went for observation. If I'd not had them then i would have let them cannulate and give them to her. then again, having been through it once, I know its not worth the risk.

blueeyedmonster Thu 14-Jul-11 20:26:34

That was what I assumed tbh.

How long do the iv ab's take to be administered during labour (each one?) is it long?

Lollyheart Thu 14-Jul-11 21:07:41

I don't think it takes long for the antibs to go through maybe 10 mins, but to work on the strep b I think it needs to be in your system for 4 hours to work. I'm not 100% sure on that tho

houseofheave Thu 14-Jul-11 21:41:10

blueeyed - it didn't take too long. To be honest, next to labour pain, the cannula didn't bother me at all!

ilovejondanby Thu 14-Jul-11 21:48:39

I had this in both my pregnancies, can only reiterate the advice of someone above - don't google it! My hospital were lovely, and as i was induced i managed to get the antibiotics in time, however we were kept in for 48 hours for observation, wasn't impressed with my community midwifes though who said it was just a little infection that was harmless and nothing to worry about

addictediam Fri 15-Jul-11 15:41:52

Hi read a few responses but wanted to give you my experience.
I was diagnosed with gbs during 1st pg. I wasn't given much info so I googled. (i echo thoes who say dont!) My mums longest labour was 4 hours (shortest 30mins!) And my sisters was 6 so I thought I would probably have a short labour.
I discussed this with my mw who told me if dd couldn't get antibiotics from me then they would give them directly to her once born.
When my waters went I went stright to hospital and was given antibiotics, labour didn't seem like it was going to start so I was induced and was given the abs every 4 hours, although I did have to keep reminding them. From 2nd mess of induction to birth was 7.5 hours so quite quick.

The important thing to remember is they can do alot if they know you've got it. Hth

blueeyedmonster Fri 15-Jul-11 20:39:08

Thats good to hear they don't take long to go in, i've had images of me being hooked up to a drip for hours!

I think i'll have to go in as soon as I realise i'm in labour just in case! My midwife did say at my booking in that she would think about getting a birth pack to me just in case, I think that'll be off the cards now, oh well it's going to be for the best I suppose.

Thanks again ladies for all the answers, advice and experiences.

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 15-Jul-11 21:05:14

ok, sorry, just reading this and trying to get my head round it...

So if i tested pos is i possible to go in for ab's and then home again for hb? Had very long labour last time...

When i spoke to the mw she said even if you are pos the likelyhood of passing it on is very small...

How does it show up in a lo?

Any advice gratefully recieved as i'm scared to google now! blush

moregranny Fri 15-Jul-11 21:46:52

If you go to it will give you all the relevant info.

edwinbear Fri 15-Jul-11 21:47:14

I tested +ve for strep in my last pregnancy and had numerous doses of IV ab's in labour as it was 30hrs in total. I'm expecting DC2 in Nov and have been considering a home birth. I've hired a private midwife and she and I have discussed how we would manage another + strep result if I do decide on a hb. She has said she can either give me an intramuscular injection, or alternatively, I could get an ab prescription from the GP for an oral dose to take at home as soon as labour starts. Strep is a big worry for me, having seen a friend go through GB Strep infection with her DS and as such, it's not something I am personally prepared to compromise on, as such, I will probably decide to have another hospital birth if I test positive again so I can have IV ab's but there are alternatives by the sounds of it.

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