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cant stop weeing!!!

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pregnantmimi Sun 10-Jul-11 23:39:20

16 weeks pregnant and cant stop weeing (sorry)

every hour at night up having a wee and all thou the day feel really dry when wake up like need to drink alot then when I go out always worried about finding a toilet.

Today threw up my gaviscon when I had heartburn and wet myself same time I know it sounds quiet funny but its really getting me down feel like crying it only started last week. When I snezzed.

Been doing pelvic floor exercises.

It doesnt really help that when Im at work I have to keep running to the toilet sometimes every half hour.

Last night was having a panic thinking maybe I have gone diabetic or something so wanted to ask you ladies if you have the same thing?

Feel bit down cause have had bad morning sickness, mood swings, heartburn, bleeding and swelling as well as gaining alot of weight I never thought it would be this hard and now the weeing business know I should be happy to be pregnant so sorry about having a rant. xx

NatzCNL Sun 10-Jul-11 23:58:11

Rant away! It helps to hear from people in the same position. I was on very friendly terms with my loo at work with DD1, my staff referred to it as my second office. Luckily all pregnancies since have been much more forgiving.

Call your midwife and ask for a chat, even if just to have a hug and a sympathetic shoulder. She could also run tests for diabetes etc to put your mind at rest. If evver you are worried they are the best people to ask for help.

Sorry I dont have much to offer in ways of advice, just wanted to send you a big hug and hope that this stage gets better for you soon smile xxx

Ivortheengine8 Mon 11-Jul-11 07:54:03

Pregnant,well done for doing the pelvic floors though! smile
I have suffered with a weak bladder since I was about 18, had investigations etc and the like but I thought I would offer some console and tell you that after I had my first nearly 2 years ago its actually been better! I'm not sure what happened down there but it doesnt always go pear shaped after. I think something might have been pressing on my bladder and was dislodged or something after the birth ! grin
Pregnancy is trying and some people have a worse time of it than others. If you are feeling really rough everyday though do talk it through with your midwife. If you are feeling really stressed out that too can effect your bladder movements
and make you want to go more often.
I have had quite a few peeing incidents too where I have coughed etc and got myself wet down there.
Make sure you carry some pads about or wear some thin liners.

Where are you swelling?

KateeTheBump Mon 11-Jul-11 08:50:02

If its any consolation, I've been running to the loo every half hour or so for the last couple of weeks (26 weeks now) - going on holiday to Paris was... interesting [hwink] but frustratingly there's hardly anything there when I go, until I lay down for a while and then my bladder seems to fill up properly. It may be that you're carrying low at the moment so the weight of the uterus is on your bladder (that's the way it feels to me at the moment) - or it could be that LO has his or her feet kindly against your bladder a lot!

Keep doing the pelvic floor exercises, they can only help, and I second asking your MW for advice - they have seen it all!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, hope things settle down for you soon. [hsmile]

KateeTheBump Mon 11-Jul-11 08:50:50

Hmm wizard smileys not working! confused

pregnantmimi Tue 12-Jul-11 01:35:37

Natz thanks for your message had a little cry yesterday after felt much sorry for late replyxxx

Ivorntheengine I have had swelling in fingers legs and face feel a bit puffy. Noticed was bit wet again today was at my friends whos not long had a baby she told me to get some tena ladies and not worry about it.

Katie the bump
Think it happens cause I get to the stage when I feel like Im going to wet myself but before pregnant had a build up rather than just I need a wee!! But yeah like you I then have a little wee and think well thought it was going to be a big one. Also notice I wake up at 2 4 6 7 for a wee but before I used to sleep straight thou this is even if I dont drink much I feel so tired in the day with all the getting back to sleep guess its good preperation for when the baby is here lol.

Seeing the midwife tomorrow at 2 so hope she will put mind at ease. thanks for your commentsx

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