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anyone else throw up the whole way through their pregnancies?

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otchayaniye Thu 07-Jul-11 08:47:10

With my first I threw up almost every day until I had her out at 36 weeks. I still managed to put on 4 stone so you can imagine how much I was eating.

With this one I was very sick for the first 16 weeks and lost a stone but have continued to be sick once a day (usually dinner, not the whole meal -- it's like my stomach can't contain that much food) and although I have slowly regained the stone (am happy I weigh the same as when I started, believe me) and baby is fine etc.

I'm so used to it and it doesn't bother me so much (don't feel constant nausea) but I don't know anyone else who has had this. Plus I hate having to bundle loads of bog roll in my knickers when I'm sick (TMI, but a particularly violent hurl and a weakened bladder, you get the picture).

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 07-Jul-11 08:48:55

Yep...three times. I did not learn hmm grin

Ginger biscuit? That will solve it hmm wink

Three decent size healthy babies too despite me weighing less by the end each time (soon put it back on though...)

nannyl Thu 07-Jul-11 08:58:48

I have HG and am 30.5 weeks with my 1st

I can honestly say i have been sick nearly every single day this year so far. sad

between 18 / 26 weeks i had quite a few 3 or even 4 days in a row not being sick and i think once i managed 6 days, but as soon as i hit 3rd trimester, infact before i hit 3rd trimester i am back to being sick every day.
Despite still being on my sick tablets.... without them im sure id be back in hospital.

My grandmother had 7 pregnancies (but 3 m/c so 4 children) she is adamant she was sick every day while pregnant with all 7.

Hopalongcassidy Thu 07-Jul-11 09:18:26

I ended up regularly suppressing violent thoughts every time a well meaning person asked if I had tried ginger biscuits!

I was sick every day copiously from a couple of weeks to 32 weeks, then just constant nausea til DS was born at 35 weeks. I walked around the house with a bucket, as every time I walked past the kitchen I hurled (food smells), and only ate (when I could) food that would come back up easily. I had Tupperware boxes in the car to be sick into. Sounds gross now, but it became normal life. In hindsight, I should probably been hospitalised, but as a first timer didn't realise how extreme it was, as I expected I would feel ill, and my midwife kept saying it would get better. I don't think I explained how awful it was well (thought I was being a wimp) but still find it hard to understand how I could have been brushed off.

On a positive note, I did spend much of my pregnancy back in my size 10 jeans. Don't think that will ever happen again!

I am still slightly confused about how we decided to have a 2nd child! But I just had 'normal' foul morning sickness with DD.

Sewmuchtodo Thu 07-Jul-11 09:24:55

Another one for the sick club here!

Im 28+6. When I get a few days relief I convince myself it has magicaly hasn't!

Im the same as you OP, no constant nausea, but when I need to be sick it is pretty instant. MW has suggested it may be the baby's position that is limiting my food intake (I feel like I have had a gastric band fitted and no one told me!). I am currently 13lb lighter than I was at 12wk scan but baby seems to be a good size and I don't have toooooo long to go!

stuffthenonsense Thu 07-Jul-11 09:42:07

yes! i have, for all four pregnancies, and i am expecting (hoping?) to this time, but sickness isnt due for another 10 days yet.
i found it reassuring that i was still pregnant, yes, even at 40 +18 grin
nothing works
nothing stops it
even bloody lettuce makes me vomit
and then nicely rounded off with acid from heartburn.
isnt pregnancy great?

last pregnancy ended at same weight as pre-pregnancy, which for me meant a 9k weight loss at birth grin grin (i needed it)

i have big babies....possible link??

Sewmuchtodo Thu 07-Jul-11 10:00:11

I think you may be onto something stuff. My first two were small (6lb and 6lb 6oz) but this one is measuring as a 'big' baby and all I do is throw throwing up with DC1&2!

otchayaniye Thu 07-Jul-11 10:02:59

Not just me then! I don't have hyperemesis but like swemuchtodo something is compressing my stomach so I can't have too much in it. This is ok for breakfast and lunch (I just have soup and a roll, or one slice of toast and some eggs) but come dinner I have eyes bigger than my belly and make the mistake of eating the delicious home made ice cream I make (Malteser, cherry and almond, chocolate, raspberry ripple) and am immediately sick.

Like I say, I've lost weight and regained some and probably will be lighter than I started (even size 10 maternity is too roomy) so am not complaining, with my first I was sick but ate so much I was 14 stone (really not good for my height and frame), and breastfeeding for years didn't really dent it. This is the small silver lining!

Ironically getting pregnant and being so sick knocked the last stone off!

Oh, I have small babies.

Otherwise I feel great. Felt like shit first time as I had building preeclampsia, this time no other real difficulties apart from weeing and itching (have been regularly checked out for cholestasis before anyone asks) and I reckon I feel better in my self as I'm not carrying around so much weight (plus it was in tropics so felt horrible)

Very best of luck and good luck with the cure (ie, giving birth)

nitnatnaboo Sun 10-Jul-11 21:59:10

I know what you mean about the smaller stomach. I had HG and when it improved I found that if I ate too much (again eyes bigger than stomach) the whole meal would come up again immediately. There is such a fine line between "enough" and "too much" isn't there! Not been sick for about 4 weeks now (39 weeks) but still have to be careful at every meal and usually get the nauseous feeling anyway, which rather spoils eating for me. Hope things will go back to normal once baby out and more room in there. Good luck!

ShoopShoop Sun 10-Jul-11 22:49:18

Yes....30 weeks here with DC1 and been sick from about week 6 - diagnosed with HG week 9. Cyclizine has kept me both sane and out of hospital, but it's been a fairly rough ride!! I fully sympathise with everyone in the sicky club!! smile

AlpinePony Mon 11-Jul-11 07:13:19

Yes, I threw up right up until the day I had him - premature at 36 weeks. The next morning I awoke clear-headed. smile

Like you I got a bit "meh" about the puking, didn't bother me as much as the fuzzy head. I took to stripping and standing in the bath to puke, knowing that the other end might go off too! blush

Am currently 8 weeks with #2 and <touches wood> not feeling too vile at all. shock

Ginger biscuits can kiss my cyclizine-peppered arse.

"Why don't you have a biscuit before you get out of bed?" Errrr, because I wake up at 4am and have to run to the bathroom to vomit, should I set my alarm for 3:30 you wanker?

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