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Is this normal?

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Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 04-Jul-11 13:22:17

I'm 7+6 now & feel so horrendous I could sit & cry. I feel sick & tired about 22 hours of every day. Not just a bit worn out, completely exhausted. I had 8 hrs sleep last night with a few wee breaks, took my kids to school, did a little bit if shopping & then slept for another 2 hours. I woke up coz I feel sick so have eaten lunch then I'm going to sleep again until I have to get kids. I'm not being sick much but feel nauseous all the time which obviously disturbs my sleep a bit but not to that degree. I have been taking folic acid but have swapped that for mum 2 be vitamins thinking I may be lacking iron? Is anyone else feeling this tired this early? Will it pass or should I just find a cave & hide in it until February???

NorthLondonDoulas Mon 04-Jul-11 14:00:54

Aww hun, dont find a cave although it is tempting! Lots of us feel like you do so you are not alone.

This is pregnancy number 5 for me and the best one so far... all of my others (especially my first two) I was so so sick and tired all the time - i also suffer from CFS/ME which doesnt help. In most cases it does pass as you reach the second trimester, but for the tiredness i can recommend vitamin C and Zinc suppliments, eating slow energy releasing foods like dried fruits/nuts/porridge etc. Nap when you can. Have a nice warm bath, milky drink and a relaxing massage at bed time so you go into a deep slumber and can then have a more beneficial sleep so you feel slightly more refreshed the next day when you wake up. With regards to the sickness i strongly strongly strongly recommend vitamin B6 tablets! I discovered them in my 3rd pregnancy and utterly swear by them now. Within a week or so of taking them i am not sick at all and the nausea reduces right down to a bearable ammount. Nothing else works for me and over the years i have tried ginger, pepermint tea, boiled sweets, travel sickness bands, putting my head between my legs etc and nothing ever works except for the Vitamin B6!

Give it a go, you never know it might work for you. Good luck and let me know.x.x

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 04-Jul-11 14:20:08

Thank u so much I am getting out of bed to go buy them right as I have tried everything else & the nausea never goes. Thank u for the reassurance too, my close mates who have babies all had such easy times & are looking at me like I am being lazy or a wimp so it is nice to know I'm not alone xxx

NorthLondonDoulas Mon 04-Jul-11 14:25:44

You are very welcome and you are definitly not alone! The sickness with my first was vomiting on the hour every hour from about 5 weeks until the day she was born! If i stood up i was sick, if i sat down i was sick, if i ate i was sick, if i drank i was sick, if i smelt anything i was sick etc - it was soooooo horrible! I just wish i had known about the B6 back then! Def give it a go... just bear in mind that it will take a few days to take effect, but its only one a day, you can get it from anywhere and it has saved my life!x.x

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 04-Jul-11 14:35:56

I just looked at the mum 2 be vitamins I got & that has b6 in it so hopefully that & the iron will fix me up a little. Its amazing what we go through to have our little bubbas but all so worth it in the end x

NorthLondonDoulas Mon 04-Jul-11 14:50:20

They do have everything in but i found it was not as effective as just taking the B6 on its own, but give it a try and do what ever is best for you.x

melliebobs Mon 04-Jul-11 18:03:36

I'm 7+3 and feeling the same and i don't even have another child to tend too! (just a hyperactive dog)

I had 8.5 hours sleep last night, had a quick power nap this morning and a couple of hours this arvo and I'm now groggy as hell. I don't think this heat is helping though. DH has just said not to feel bad, it's not going to last forever and listen to my body. If I'm tired sleep I obviously need it.

As for other bits I'm completely off food. You could place my favouritest meal infrint of me (Dominos pizza with pepperoni, pepper and mushrooms!) and I'd be sending it back. Past week has been horrible living off special k and cheese ritz crackers. I'm starving but feeling so nautious I don't want anything. Vicious circle really. Not actually been sick an kind of wishing I had as at least I'd get some form of relief if only for half an hour!!!

But like everyone says it's not forever, just a few more weeks and come february when we have our lil bundles and crying out for a good nights sleep it will all be worth it!!!! smilesmile

BikeRunSki Mon 04-Jul-11 18:13:31

Normal for me in both pg. It sucks. Passed at about 14 weeks both times, although at 24 weeks now, could still sleep for England.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Mon 04-Jul-11 22:50:54

Thanx guys, sure this will come to an end & soooooo worth it x

GemmaReeto Tue 05-Jul-11 13:35:09

Just wanted to chip in and say that I felt exhausted from the week before I found out until about 13 weeks. I also felt nauseous. Im 21 weeks now and although I have the odd day when I feel a bit tired Im generally back to my normal self so just bare with it, if you feel tired then relax. This is my first baby so Im taking as much opportunity to sleep and rest as I can as I know this is the last time for the next few years I will have to enjoy it! Im aware that the tiredness will probably come back in the next few weeks but at least you know you will probably get a break from it soon smile

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