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Was told i might be having a miscarriage but positive test? advice needed!!?

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jadetamsin Thu 30-Jun-11 17:11:36

I found out on sunday (4 days ago) that i was pregnant by a cheap morrisons test. I then tested on monday with a clear blue digital which said 1-2 weeks. I then begun spotting which got a little heavier but not enough to fill a pad at all was just when i wiped or a small amount in my underwear(sorry tmi!) I went to the doctors that day and he put me in for a scan on tuesday which they could not find nothing (they thought either im miscarrying or as im only 3-4weeks its obviously too early to show anything yet) but they did find a cyst (i already have pcos). I then had my bloods taken and was told to come back today for another lot taken. My first lot hcg levels were only 58 which is low but early pregnancy..i passed a small clot yesturday but still no cramping just slight back ache which ive had for 2 weeks. and still spotting. I was told today ''youve probs miscarried we just need to confirm it'' (i was angry as they have no proof yet!) so i thought ok ill do another clear blue......which has now gone up to 2-3weeks! surely if im loosing the baby my hcg would be going lower and it was only 4days ago that i had a 1-2 week would have stayed at that or be not pregnant????? really confused but i still have hope and dont think ive lost the baby as many family members/friends also had bleeding very early on. also rung the early preg test clinic half hour ago after positive 2-3weeks and the man even said no doctor should have told me im miscarrying untill they get the bloods back and he said 2-3weeks is a good sign if my other test was only 2-3weeks.

any advice would be great xx

magicmelons Thu 30-Jun-11 17:31:46

urine tests stay positive for a couple of weeks after miscarriage or termination but not all bleeding is a miscarriage, i've had quite alot of bleeding in this pregnancy and am 19 weeks, good luck, its a very worrying time.

magicmelons Thu 30-Jun-11 17:34:12

Would also think that a scan that early wouldn't have shown much and to see a cyst is quite normal in early pregnancy.

banana87 Thu 30-Jun-11 17:51:54

Hold tight, and ignore the dr who told you that you are miscarrying. You would know if you were miscarrying. It is probably too early to see anything right now (esp if test is saying 2-3). Good luck!

serendipity16 Thu 30-Jun-11 18:04:59

Did you take your test on Sunday as thats when you were due on?

If so you'll be less than 5 weeks pregnant.

I've had 4 early losses & an ectopic so was scanned really early with my last pregnant. First scan at 3+5, then at 4+2, 4+5 & 5+1..... as well as weekly scans after that.
They only saw something on the scan at 5+1..... before that they were scaring the s* out of me telling me that i should be watching out for another ectopic.

Firstly doctors don't expect to see anything on the scan until your hcg levels are over 1000 ( i think ).
Secondly bleeding doesn't = miscarriage.
Thirdly 53 is a low but its got to start somewhere doesn't it, its the 2nd lot of results that will give you some indication as to whats going on.

Good luck.

SootySweepandSue Thu 30-Jun-11 18:25:56

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I've 2 lots of early bleeding. One was a MC and the other my DD! With the MC I had an unholy sensation almost immediately before I even noticed any blood that it was a MC - I just knew it. I suddenly didn't feel pregnant anymore as if a light switch had been flicked. It sounds like you don't have this. With the other bleeding I was scared but I did not have the same level of fear and everything was ok.

Note I'm not normally a feeling / holistic person but I do think the body knows what's going on somehow.

jadetamsin Thu 30-Jun-11 18:42:40

Thanks for all your replies. I am quite worried but a part of me does think all is ok..Im only bleeding when i wipe i havent bled heavy at all. although i did have the clot yesturday (about 1 n a half cm) My boobs are probably worse than yesturday but the nausea has almost gone?. Im still thinking it must be a good sign that the test i done today has gone up to 2-3 weeks from being 1-2 weeks 4days ago. Ill let you know the outcome tomorrow when i get my 2nd lot of blood results back smile

jadetamsin Thu 30-Jun-11 18:45:26

I dont really know when i was due on as i have pcos so my periods are pretty all over the place, i think my last one was roughly 7 weeks ago but id only be in early pregnancy as i hadnt slept with my partner until 5weeks ago (we had been using protection until then). Thank you for the info and im really sorry to hear that x

angeljefferson Fri 01-Jul-11 08:26:08

Hi jade, I had a similar thing happen to me earlier in the year, I had a positive pregnancy test and bled the same day, the GP told me I had had a miscariage, 1 week later I still felt pregnant and my clear blue had gone up 1 week! in early pregnancy your HCG will drop to zero immediatly!! I had blood work and my HCG was 386, then over 1000 1 week later, so it hadnt quite doubled every 2 days, I continued to bleed for 4 weeks but remained pregnant, I was scanned at 6 weeks and the sac was empty and I miscarried the day after. The bleeding does not neccessarly mean miscarriage, but unfortunately in my case it did, and it wasnt right from the start! The good news is I fell pregnant less than 2 months later and I am now nearly 3 months pregnant with a healthy pregnancy (ive been really sick with hyperemersis). Fingers crossed for you that all is ok, I had a friend that bled every week for a day throughout her pregnancy and her DD is now 4 years old, so everyone is different........its awful just not knowing! take care, I hope your results are good news! xx

jadetamsin Fri 01-Jul-11 10:17:39

Angeljefferson - Your experience does sound very simalar (sorry to hear that you did miscarry). I woke up today and have found that there is no more bleeding! must be a good sign. Glad to hear all is going well for you now!! Thanks alot xx

jadetamsin Fri 01-Jul-11 10:20:27

Just to let you all hcg levels came back today...and they have gone from 58 on tuesday then had blood test yesturday and they have now gone up to 114 or 140? couldnt quite hear the lady on the phone but one or the other! she said they had doubled so im guessing thats a good sign as surely if i miscarried they would have gone lower? SO angry at the doctor that simply said to me ''we are just doing the blood test to confirm a miscarriage as you have had one'' now waiting a phonecall to arrange another scan. Also...i think ive got a bladder infection as from the day i found out i was pregnant i felt like i had cystitus or something? didnt know if that would play effect in the bleeding? i feel a bit happier that the levels have doubled...still worried though!?

magicmelons Fri 01-Jul-11 15:37:21

That's a really good sign. I hope it all goes well, let us know.

NorthLondonDoulas Fri 01-Jul-11 15:46:04

Hi Jade,

I have written you a nice long reply on your other thread "hcg levels 58 tuesday - thursday have gone up to 114 - good sign?" as i am currently going through a similar experience that i think you will be able to relate to!! However it is too long for me to re-type on here lol.

Good luck and stay positive.x

angeljefferson Fri 01-Jul-11 18:20:14

jade excellent news! They have doubled so you are defo pregnant!! and if the bleeding has stopped, thats another great sign!!! They wont scan until after you are 6 weeks and HCG over 1000 as there will be nothing to see, its distressing waiting, but you could request futher bloods just to check your levels are keeping going the right way? Sometimes people actually bleed at the time their period is due.....?? it could just be left over blood? good luck and I cant tell you not to worry.....I still worry everyday now at 11 weeks! x

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