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wide bump?

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jan2011 Sun 26-Jun-11 07:08:51

ok i have been told my bump is very 'across' my belly, ie wide. im 27 weeks, first baby, im quite sensitive about my bump lol i have no clue what this means and finding it hard to adjust to the body changes anyway, but what does this mean i take it its not a good thing. my MIL said it and it will probably go down at some stage. i have to try not to listen to bump comments but its hard i just hope everything is ok with my bump and i look ok too... like not weird compared to other pregnant people

howabout Sun 26-Jun-11 07:15:12

All bumps are different - depends on your waist / hip ratio, how long or short waisted you are and any number of other things. My Mum told me last week my Bum was getting as big as my Bump (how do you say cry out loud in text?). I am also v disappointed in maternity clothes these days as anything bump conscious shows my belly button through and they don't seem to be cut to accommodate my enormous boobs.
I don't know if I have made you feel any better but thank you for the opportunity of sharing my woes.

PrettyVacant1 Sun 26-Jun-11 10:18:42

I'm 31 weeks and I wasn't skinny to start with (14-16)
I have rather large hips too, so when I'm lying down I still just look chunky, lopsidely albeit.
After weeks of moaning of my lack of bump several midwives have told me the bump is wide.
I don't care anymore, as long as it's measuring correctly I'm happy.
A lady said I was slim yesterday!
I've never been called slim before! grin
Everybody is different blah,blah,blah... I know that now, I've heard it a million times and it's so true, it has taken me about 20 weeks to realise. blush

People think they have a god given right to comment on your midrift the second the find out you're pregnant, shock at your Mum howabout
My FIL's DP said, after not seeing them for two weeks, "Hello fatty!" nodding at my bump.
I replied "Hello frizzy! Was it really hot whilst you were away? Your hair looks wild!"
She's not commented again. grin

jan2011 Sun 26-Jun-11 17:48:13

lol that was a good one 'hello frizzy' it made me laugh i wish i had the guts to say something like that but i never think of a cute comment on the spot. thanks for sharing too howabout, it is so hard adjusting to the changes, by the time u are getting used to the bump the way it is, youve grown again! im just trying to comfort myself by thinking of the baby inside me and it being a natural process and i will hopefully go back to normal again at the end of it smile

philbee Sun 26-Jun-11 21:03:54

People feel entitled to comment on your bump, how you look etc. when pg, and it is infuriating. With DD the woman at Pret told me 'your bump is all poking out in front, but your face is still so thin, it's a boy.' Just f* off! All I want is a f***ing sandwich!

Try to ignore it - you'll get told a load of different rubbish by different people, all completely uninivited, ill informed and subjective.

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