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What's the best/most ludicrous gender predicting theory you've heard so far?

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redexpat Tue 14-Jun-11 19:39:54

I have 2 particular favourites.

1. If you started your period when you were younger (say 9-12) then you'll get girls. 13+ starters get boys.

2. If you feel really sick during pregnancy then it's a girl.

Anymore for anymore?

xkatyx Tue 14-Jun-11 20:03:03

I started my period at 10 and had a boy then 2 girls
Also felt more sick with my girls.

I love these I think there a bit of fun.

I tend to go by lunar chart only because they worked for me for all 3.

I heard that of u look rough have spots etc it's a girl because they are suppose to take your beauty :0)

Also girls make more hormones so maybe that's why u feel sicker where as boys the hormones rise slower.

Crave savoury for boys sweets for girls, personally it was other way round for me.

I carry low with girls and high with my boy I heard that is also wrong way lol

And of it's a boy you go off the crusts on your bread.

All a bit of fun whilst waitin to see what little one is.

I'm currently pregnant with twins and I have no idea at all

Eviepoo Tue 14-Jun-11 20:45:30

My MW said she is thinking that this is a girl, because I have been really sick and my skin has dried out, I look like crap! MIL was sick as a dog with DH. Not so bad with SIL. SIL was sick with nephew not so bad with niece so both of them the wrong way round.

my mum Had 3 girls and no morning sickness

Maybe it is, maybe not that's the fun.

For my first I was told 99% sure boy....she was quite the surprise smile was 12 years ago so scans way better now. But because that surprise was cool I decided to not find out this time. Mum swore it was a girl all way through btw. And yes did have bad MS but this time as worse.

I am carrying low at 30w. I would rather have savoury stuff. I started periods at 11. Some people have guessed boy, others girl. Mum says another girl.

So for me
sick = girl
looking rough = girl
Carrying low = boy
Savoury = boy
Periods early = girl

Who knows huh grin

milkyways Tue 14-Jun-11 21:22:53

This is the most disgusting one i've heard of:
The red cabbage gender test grin. You boil cabbage in water and then mix that water with your urine. If you get a pink colour it means you're having a girl and purple a boy or vice versa, I can't remember. pretty sickening.

PoppysMom Wed 15-Jun-11 02:02:03

Apparently there is one where you get a cup with baking soda in it and then you add your urine. If it fizzes it's a boy and if it doesn't it's a girl...

pregnantmimi Wed 15-Jun-11 02:31:26

lol I not boiling cabbage with urine lol can you imagine if you left it out and it got mixed in with the sunday roast no nion ono. The chinese gender predictor my friend swears by it she said its correct for everyone shes looked up past 2 years!!!

LearningFast Wed 15-Jun-11 12:50:56

We didn't found out the sex of our baby when we had the scans, as we really don't mind either way whether we have a boy or girl. It's been fun hearing people's 'predictions' and their reasoning. So far everyone apart from one person has predicted a boy, justified with:

shape of bump
cravings for savoury food
baby kicking a lot
baby has slightly slower heartbeat (midwife)

We are prepared for it to go either way though!

scepticalexpat Wed 15-Jun-11 15:13:20

My Hungarian friend told me my morning sickness meant it was a boy. It's a girl.

RachieJosie Wed 15-Jun-11 15:57:00

Few I have heard:
1. Hanging a wedding ring above the bump, if it turns clockwise it is a girl, anti clockwise it is a boy.
2. I have had people say if your bump is compact and sticking forward it is a girl, more sideways then it is a boy... and vice versa.
3. Sweet cravings = girl, Savoury = boy
4. If the baby kicks a lot it is a boy

I know I am having a girl, the ring swung clockwise, the bump sticks forward but I have craved a LOT of dairy products and she won't stop kicking so inclined to believe it is all gibberish!

KvetaBarry Wed 15-Jun-11 17:12:09

acid or alkaline urine - one is boy, one girl (obviously). I tried pissing on some litmus paper nabbed from the lab and it predicted boy every time. DS is definitely a boy grin

(I think this may be similar to the cabbage water test?)

redexpat Wed 15-Jun-11 17:18:28

grin How would you even discover the cabbage test? Or the baking powder?

starshaker Wed 15-Jun-11 17:34:22

Im not into the Chinese predictor test. How can it be right when i have B/G twins it also said dd should have been a boy. sickness, i was really sick with dd but fine with the twins. Infact the twin pregnancy went alot better than when i was preg with dd

xkatyx Wed 15-Jun-11 18:42:04

Starshaker I also feel less sick with ny twins than I did with single pregnancy.

All very interesting

WaspsAnkles Wed 15-Jun-11 21:35:23

Wow, not sure what to make of that cabbage suggestion hmm

I was told that if you grow more body hair than before pregnancy its a boy (because of the testosterone apparently) and if you have less its a girl. I have a very hairy bump and am indeed expecting a boy but know quite a few Mums to be who had it the other way round.

Also had bad MS despite having a boy so I severly doubt that theory smile

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