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Worried About Holidays

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FrettyBetty Tue 14-Jun-11 16:49:26


I have a beach holiday booked this Saturday, for 2 weeks in Croatia. I am 27 +5, so I'll be about 28-30 weeks pregnant when on holiday. I have asked both the doctor and the midwives about this since I was about 12 weeks, and they all say it's fine, weren't really bothered actually, and gave me the note for flying. But suddenly I am reading all sorts of stories about premature babies and starting to get worried! Has anyone else gone on holiday at this stage? Or for that matter, had a completely sudden premature birth? Am I being completely irresponsible?

Thank you!

silverangel Tue 14-Jun-11 17:04:50

I would love to be going away but am classed as high risk so for me its better not to. If I wasn't, I would go! Only thing I would say is to make sure your insurance covers you?

FrettyBetty Tue 14-Jun-11 17:29:16

Thanks Silver, yes, I better check, though I do have one of those European health cards...

jasmine51 Tue 14-Jun-11 17:32:48

Fretty Croatia is not part of Europe make sure your insurance covers you and that it covers your LO should it arrive early...long thread earlier this year from lady who's waters broke at 28 weeks in US, you may have come across it. Croatia is gorgeous by the way, very jealous.

mrsduff Tue 14-Jun-11 18:17:34

I went on a work trip to Austria at 34 weeks, and was absolutely fine. Was nice to get away last minute before baby arrived so I would definitely recommend it - plus your holiday won't include long visits to furniture designers' showroom I shouldn't imagine which is even better!

FrettyBetty Tue 14-Jun-11 18:31:14

Jasmine, that's exactly the kinds of stories I've been coming across! Let alone the insurance, I just would not want it to happen! (Obviously.) What's LO?

mrsduff, no - my hols will definitely be a lot of lounging in the shade! My doc had a pretty similar logic to you - getting a break before the baby comes. It seemed pretty important to him where I was going for some reason, and he thought Croatia was fine. Dunno why.

Hersetta Tue 14-Jun-11 18:59:03

I am 33+ weeks and when I was 29+5 we flew to the Maldives for 2 weeks and returned when I was 31+6. I and baby were fine on the long flight (and then seaplane) I just made sure I drank lots, wore my flight socks and stood up regularly. I did feel the effects of the heat a bit more than usual so I just sat in the shade the whole time and just went in the sun when playing with DD in the sea or pool. Just make sure your travel insurance covers you - I used egg who cover you up to 35 weeks with a drs letter.

FrettyBetty Tue 14-Jun-11 19:00:43

Cool - thanks Hersetta.

edwinbear Tue 14-Jun-11 21:03:18

I went to Oman for a fortnight when I was 28 weeks, and it was a brilliant holiday. No problems whatsoever and I felt completely relaxed and refreshed after a couple of weeks lounging about - I got really fussed over by all the staff as well which was lovely. Plus of course a bit of sun exposure is a great vitamin D boost which can benefit baby.

FrettyBetty Tue 14-Jun-11 22:14:17

Cheers Edwin, I had similar thoughts about vitamin D!

jasmine51 Wed 15-Jun-11 08:42:41

Fretty LO = Little One, sorry
I'm sure your Dr recommended Croatia because its beautiful, relaxed, has very high standards of care, hygiene etc and a lovely mediterranean healthy diet. You'll have a ball, enjoy.

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