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Has anyone been to Glastonbury before?

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licoriceGreen Mon 13-Jun-11 20:13:34

if so can you recommend a good place to camp when your pregnant? I'm going this year and I'll be 28 weeks. Really excited but just worried about ending up camping somewhere that's manic.

licoriceGreen Mon 13-Jun-11 20:14:16

You're even

DuelingFanjo Mon 13-Jun-11 20:24:01

I'm going smile what day are you going and which areas would you like to be in? If you want to be near the main stages but want quieter camping you might have to camp quite far away.

If you don't want Manic then don't camp in or around pennards or around the pyramid/other stage areas.

There are two family camping areas, cockmills meadow is much nearer everything but gets full and you won't stand much chance of getting in unless you go up early on the Wednesday. The other family camping area is Wicket ground which is on the wrong side of the site for me and far from everywhere but is much quieter so I am told. I have been told that the Wicket ground is more 'policed' by stewards to keep it family only but I think if they can see you re pregnant you'll be ok. It's a long walk t everything from there though.

I am taking my baby and so hoping to get into Cockmills but will possibly head for Dairy Ground or Park home ground if Cockmills is too full as I have been told they are quieter.

Really, Cockmills would be the best as it's pretty central and supposed to be a family place.

there's a map here

DuelingFanjo Mon 13-Jun-11 20:25:07

ps, I was pregnant last year and we camped in Park Home ground which was OK but lots of noise from trucks driving past all night.

ilovemydogandMrObama Mon 13-Jun-11 20:26:29

and if you change your mind and don't want to go, let me know and I will buy your ticket smile.

licoriceGreen Mon 13-Jun-11 20:32:15

Thanks dueling - I didn't know if I'd get away with being in the family ground but I have quite a bump so hopefully if we get there early enough on the Wednesday. Someone said you need to let them know in the welfare tent that your pregnant and where your camping, is that true?

iLove - thanks for the offer but there's no chance I'm missing it smile

DuelingFanjo Mon 13-Jun-11 20:35:10

I don't think you have to, I didn't but I was only 16 weeks. Here's hoping it's a sunny one but not as sunny as last year!

licoriceGreen Mon 13-Jun-11 20:37:16

I've checked met check it's looking dry till Sunday but not too hot
I can't wait.

candr Tue 14-Jun-11 20:24:57

Its fairly quiet by the stones, hope its not too hot for you, have a blast

theonlyhb2 Wed 15-Jun-11 08:04:51

i would go for Pennard's hill just as it is easier to get to and quite central. If you camp near top by tipi's they have showers etc.

Am so jealous. Had to sell my ticket and am 31 weeks. Hyperemesis and spd do not make good Glasto companions! That and a bladder the size and strength of a gnat.

Do tell them at the medical tent cos they have midwife on site and will also let you sit on comfy chair and give you free water if you need it smile

have an amazing time!

domrocks Wed 15-Jun-11 11:48:39

I've been going since I was 17, having a break this year as I'm currently 11+5.

Definitely take a blow up mattress, pillows, sleeping bag AND a blanket, eye mask and ear plugs (hearos are the best ones, you can get them off amazon). You'll sleep through anything with this little lot, and be very very comfy!

Have a fab time!

KnitterNotTwitter Wed 15-Jun-11 11:55:35

I'm going to Glasto again this year but don't camp as my parents live in the village so we stay there... Just offering to all of you that if it gets a bit much/muddy etc just PM me and I'll tell you where we are and you can escape to their house.... even if you just want to come and use the shower and have a cup of tea.

Plus if anyone fancies a meet-up I'll be with DS in the kids fields most of the time....!

Fingers crossed for good weather smile

Rosey3 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:11:28


I am going to Glasto this year and I'll be 29 weeks. We have hired a campervan this time though as I thought we'd treat ourselves for our last year on our own. I've only ever camped on Pennard Hill which gets really crowded so I wouldnt recommend there. I've heard the Dairy Ground is quieter but maybe more of a walk?

I don't even know where we'll be, the campervan field is'nt even on the map. I only know that it's East and a bit of a walk, eek.

I'm worried about needing the loo all the time and hoping that people are considerate towards the bump!

dizzy77 Wed 15-Jun-11 14:05:06

You are all very brave. I doff my hat to you all [bowing with respect smiley]. Am sad to be missing the festivals this year with 3 week old DS - I can't imagine being away from the washing machine, electricity and a hot tap for a few days! I'm planning Glastonbury-in-the-house - making the most of the saturation coverage on the BBC with the main stage in the front room, second stage on the computer upstairs, and radios around the house tuned into 6music. So, whilst I won't walk quite as far, drink as much beer or stumble on quite so many exciting surprises and impromptu performances, I will probably shower as often and get about the same amount of sleep, and will replicate the "long drop" experience every time I change a nappy ;-).

I am sure there will be lots of consideration around your bumps and if there isn't, demand it! All the best to you all, have a great time.

Kitty5824 Wed 15-Jun-11 15:12:32

Hi everyone!

I'll be 14 weeks, and am still planning on attending this year. It was my first time last year, so not sure how the likely damp weather will affect things this year, but I do have my wellies ready. Def couldn't cope if it was as hot as last year!

What a lovely offer knitter - I hope your parents don't end up inundated with weeping pregnant ladies wanting a shower....

Am very jealous of those of you with actual bumps. I'm seriously thinking about getting a t-shirt made up that says "not just fat, pregnant too" in case I need to start jumping toilet queues grin

kdiddy Wed 15-Jun-11 18:28:31

I'm going !! Will be 10-11 weeks so will need to wee constantly and be knackered, but not have a bump to show for it!

Am just going to take it easy. Wouldn't recommend Pennards if you don't want somewhere manic, much better to go for one of the further campsites e.g. dairy ground - yes more of a walk, but more space and quieter too.

Take a camping chair with you to carry around (or get someone to carry it for you!) esp in case the ground is wet so you can always stop and have a sit down.

I'm more worried about what on earth I am going to drink - no cider for me this year sad!!

TrinityCalling Wed 15-Jun-11 18:56:53

Dizzy your post made me smile!!

This is because I also have a 3 week old - DD rather than DS - and even though I'm obviously overjoyed at the baby's arrival I have been feeling a teensy bit blue over missing my first Glastonbury in a decade sad

But I love your idea of different stages around the house!! Have just told my DH about it and we're going to do the same and also try to recreate our favourite festival food and generally replicate the ambiance as far as possible without actually inviting 150 000 unwashed and Bono into our home grin

Sorry to send the thread off topic!!

Makey Wed 15-Jun-11 19:10:31

Im soo jealous, I hope you have a fab time.
We camped in Pennards and it was busy busy busy, but I like it because it's out the way of the stages.
Have fun smile

DuelingFanjo Wed 15-Jun-11 19:14:18

theonlyhb2 can people who don't have a tipi use the showers? I would love that.

I love pennards but wonder how other campers would feel about having a 6 month old baby camped next to them.

dizzy77 Wed 15-Jun-11 20:31:42

Aw shucks Trinity. To fully replicate the ambience don't forget to spread the rubbish from your bin around the garden to recreate that landfill site ambience by Sunday morning! To recreate festival food I think I would be spending most of the weekend eating pork products with an ill-advised falafel late one night. Sorry. Convincing myself I'm not envy of those going, honest.

Dueling go for it: I think the sound of your 6 month old baby will be only one of the many, many disturbances. No one I've camped near has ever been so considerate to me!

DuelingFanjo Wed 15-Jun-11 20:33:11

oooh KnitterNotTwitter, I will keep an eye out for you. Maybe we could have a secret mumsnet signal smile I will have my 6 month old son with me and plan to be in the kidz field a lot.

queenrollo Wed 15-Jun-11 20:58:53

for those of you thinking of heading to Cockmill Meadow this year be warned that they have reduced it's size by a third as they've increased the recycling area at the top and included the crew camping for that into the top of this field.

Rosey3 ask for the family campervan field when you arrive or even try and wangle getting into the disabled campervan area, it will be closer to the main gates (you do know that the campervan fields are outside the fence?) using the campervan fields on the East usually means having to walk the 'hill of doom' down to Ped Gate c.....

duelingfanjo we actually had someone camped near us in Pennards last year with a baby (about 6 months old i'd say) and they ended up getting friends to scout further out for a place to move their tent to because it really was noisy and so rammed that people kept falling onto their tent. Personally i'm not bothered about camping next to a small child, but i'm used to the noises they make......several people were a bit grumpy about a crying baby at 7am.

There are several showers around the site, it'll all be in the programme.

The medical tent is up by the farm and they did used to ask (nicely) that pregnant ladies made themselves known to the staff up there.
Someone who lives locally to me laboured at the festival last year, she went off site to give birth (much to her annoyance, they wouldn't let her stay on site) and she was back the next day. In my opinion it was afr too hot to have a newborn baby in a tent, but <<shrug>>

Rosey3 Wed 15-Jun-11 21:17:38

Thanks queenrollo, I've just realised my campervan ticket is actually West - will they have family campervan or disabled camping on that side, do you know?

DuelingFanjo Wed 15-Jun-11 21:18:50

meh. I am really concerned about the family camping situaton. WHY oh why is the new family camping so far away from all the family stuff, it's madness. If I end up in Wicket ground I will have such a long walk every day. Don't they think about these things sad

I am worried about people falling onto my tent, not that I have ever had that happen without the baby but you an guarantee this will be the year it happens.

I was thinking Dairy Ground might be a good bet, though like someone said it's a bit of a walk.

queenrollo Wed 15-Jun-11 21:57:20

rosey i'm not sure because the West campervan fields are new (or they were there for the first time last year). I just asked DH and he said he thinks there will be family/disabled camping in the West CV fields. You'll access the site on foot from Ped gate E (so you can look on a map to familiarise yourself) and that side of the site is much flatter (no hill of doom grin)

duelingfanjo we have friends who are very grumpy about the loss of so much space in Cockmill and the fact the other family camping is sooo far out. It will be worth writing to Mr Eavis and making your feelings known, he is very good at responding. (have personal experience of this)
I've camped in several areas of G, and the only time i've experienced people falling on my tent was in Pennards. It's just so rammed and seems to attract a particular type of pissed up party animal. We only camp there because 1/ Williams has gone to crew angry as has Dragons and 2/ we have a very large group of friends who camp together, so we kind of have safety in numbers i suppose.

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