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testing at 40 weeks for GD

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nearlyreadytopop Mon 13-Jun-11 18:30:30

the title says it all really, I am to be tested at 40 weeks (wed) for gestational diabetes. My baby has been measuring bigger since week 34 and there has been no mention of this before. I have not put on excessive weight myself (around 10lbs).
At last weeks consultants appointment I was given a membrane sweep in the hope of starting things off, needless to say it didnt work.

I am being tested on Wed and then back to the consultant on Thursday to discuss more induction options. This is my first baby and am becoming more wound up as the days go on. Im reluctant to google for info on undiagnosed GD and its implications/complications incase it adds to the stress!

Im wondering if I test positive what changes or differences it will make?

schmee Mon 13-Jun-11 18:35:39

Have they given you a growth scan? I've been tested for GD a couple of times and as far as I could find out the main worries are that if the baby is too big it might make the birth trickier - so I guess they inducing because they don't want you to get too big. The other thing is that the baby might have slightly low blood sugar at birth or shortly after. I think they will do a heel prick test for this a couple of times just to keep an eye.

I'm frankly a bit surprised they are testing you this late. If you've only put on 10lbs, you must have actually lost weight during the pregnancy... They should really have told you what all this is about. Maybe you could call your midwife to ask her?

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