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3rd trimester exhaustion and anxiety.

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Pipistrellina Sun 12-Jun-11 18:26:49

I would love any advice on how people cope with this kind of thing. I?m 36+1 and really struggling. Am waking up frequently due to sore calves, needing the loo etc. and am unable to sleep past 4am. I'm taking as many naps as possible but not getting much extra sleep. Resultant exhaustion makes me worried and anxious (am prone to that anyway and have a history of anxiety disorder) and am not sure how I'm going to get through the next 4 weeks, let alone labour and a newborn. Would love to hear how others have coped with this. I have had a very straightforward pregnancy and am very lucky in every other way, but am finding this quite tough!

Hunterswish Sun 12-Jun-11 20:36:38

Hi smile
I don't know if I will be of any help, In my pregnancies though I have found those last few weeks are the longest sad
You have been counting down to the due date since you first saw those 2 lines !!
Your body has done a grand job growing that lo inside smile Your body is bound to be having enough by now sad
Your anxiety is not helped by the "unknown", I know you know you will have a baby at the end of it all but how will labour start? When will you know it has started? all the tons of other questions and concerns all of us have as we are coming to the end, is all heightened by the fact that like I said it's all the "unknown"
I would not worry too much about being able to sleep, to rest , with feet up and reading loads of mags or watch all your favourite films smile
Enjoy your last few weeks before babe comes, as your life will as I am sure you are aware, completely change when bab is here smile
Wish you sll the best smile
Take care

F1rstT1meMummy Mon 13-Jun-11 10:39:38

Here is a virtual hug for you.

I have two weeks left and am feeling really worn out now, and I have been off work for a month already.

Are you working- if you are, I would seriously consider stopping now, I found that helped hugely with anxiety. Is this your first? If not, can someone else help with childcare a little.

Is there anyone around that you could speak to and ask for help. My mum is a godsend and comes and helps with with housework (I now sound mega lazy but in the past have suffered from ME/CFS and being pregnant and made this flair up). My MIL has also offered to help (but I am to proud for her to see the actual state of my house!!!)

I know it sounds crazy, but could you go for a walk/swim/aqua natal class near you. I find some gentle exercise really makes me feel better and gets rid of that groggy feeling.

Are you feeling axious about how you will cope? How you will be in labour? Or a combination of lots of different things? I keep telling and reassuring myself that the lackof sleep now is natures way of preparing me for when my gorgeous baby arrives. Plus i have read that you tend to wake now when your baby is going to be awake (not sure if that is true). In terms of labour - I am reading a fab book by Juju Sundin called Birth Skills - its a good read and has made me feel like i have a toolkit of coping strategies for labour,my library stcks it, so you may be able to get your hands on a copy.

I agree with the advice above too - just chill, read mags, watch films or anything else that helps you to chillax - this will do as much good as sleeping smile

Best of luck

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