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LDNmummy Thu 09-Jun-11 16:01:42

Is it worth the money to get a Pacapod or will a standard baby changing bag suffice?

DH loves to be organised so I amthinking Pacapod looks great, but very pricey!

Any recommendations would be appreciated smile

munkiii Thu 09-Jun-11 20:30:12

It is lovely- but to be really honest the free one you get when you join the parenting club at Boots is good enough! It has a lovely changing mat included and pockets for bottles/bits and pieces.

I got a Mama and Papas one free with my pram, the bag was worth £95 and I didn't use it (it had all the pockets and a separate 'Mum's purse' in it as well).

However, for me, the best one I have (which I bought in the sales) is a Cath Kidston bag as is opens fully and you can see everything inside it. A changing bag which has lots of bits and bobs and internal 'pods' is all well and good but when you have an emergency your perfectly packed bag is useless if you can't get into them in a hurry!

You will have so many other things to get I really would recommend the Boots one for a start until you get the hang of how your out and about days go, what will work with your buggy and so on.

captainbarnacle Thu 09-Jun-11 20:58:23

Mumsnet have reviewed it!

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