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Brown discharge at 20 weeks??

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lovemybabyboy Thu 02-Jun-11 15:46:10

Hi all,
I am 19+5 weeks pregnant with DC2, I have 2.6yrs DS and I had a mmc last august.
I have been having a brown discharge/spotting since last night, I have been to the hospital today...just got back, they checked my blood pressure, temp etc and a urine sample, felt mt belly and listened to baby's heart beat which was all fine, they said if it gets worse or has not gone in 2 days to come straight back in, I also have my 20 week scan on monday...just hoping all will be ok.
I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this and what might be causing it?? I also had some brown discharge at 7 weeks, but everything was fine on 12 week scan.

TIA xxx

Wombat33 Thu 02-Jun-11 15:49:30

Love I had this at 18+3. They did all the checks you had and couldn't find a reason but told me if I'd had a little bleed it would likely stay brown for at least 10 days. It was 2 weeks in the end and all has been fine at 20wk and 24wk scans (now 26wks). Likely it's nothing to worry about x

lovemybabyboy Thu 02-Jun-11 16:02:53

Thanks Wombat even though I know everything is ok at the moment, I cant help but worry a bit. Its good to know its happened to someone else though. smile

chocolateyclur Thu 02-Jun-11 16:19:42

I've been warned that I'm likely to have a brown bleed at some point during my pregnancy (I'm 13w) as an early scan showed there was a haematoma around the baby from implantation - and that it was nothing to worry about.

Obviously I don't know that this is the case, but just wanted to give you a more positive story. Good luck.

roz1982 Thu 02-Jun-11 19:02:46

Im 16 weeks today and first had brown discharge a couple of weeks ago and regularly since - went to get checked out they had a look at my cervix (!) and said it was slightly 'eroded' meaning that cells on inside had been pushed outside! apparently its very common and nothing to worry about and as long as its brown not to worry.

lovemybabyboy Thu 02-Jun-11 22:38:50

Thank you all for your input.
The brown discharge seems to have stopped for now, although it stopped earlier then started ill just have to keep my fingers crossed that it doesnt come back and that my baby will be ok.
I never knew pregnancy could be so stressfull, I cant believe how much i took for granted my first pregnancy with my was a perfect pregnancy with no problems or scares!

Ukulele80 Fri 03-Jun-11 10:38:37

Hi there, bit late to the conversation but just to say I had exactly the same thing at exactly the same point in pregnancy. I completely freaked out as i hadnt even had a tiny spot of blood or discharge since being pregnant. was very upset and convinced I was losing the baby, but the maternity unit was great got me straight in and did everything they did for you plus a scan and an internal exam and all totally fine. stopped on the third day and have never had it since and am now nearly 29 weeks with a wriggly healthy baby.

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