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Early pregnancy scares

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cc71uk Thu 02-Jun-11 10:23:11

Hello, I dont know if anyone can help put my mind at rest. I have just completed an IVF cycle. I took the hospital test last Friday which was negative. I then tool 2 home test which were positive. The hospital told me to accept it didnt work but i could have a blood test to put my mind ar rest. The blood results came back with a count of 25 so they re-tested me again on MOnday and it had doubled to 59. They said this was positive, but because i have miscarried in the past and had an ectopic (had to have my left tubes removed) they didnt want to get my hopes up high and have booked me for an early scan next week. All week I have had brown discharge and now some dark blood spotting. Coudl this be another miscarraige or ectopic ? Should i do another home test. I am trying not to get upset - can anyone help or advise?

kri5ty Thu 02-Jun-11 10:37:30

hey hun

I dont have any experience with that, but just wanted to reply to keep your post at the top!

It might be that your hormone level isnt enough to show up on a pregnancy test? I had suspected ectopic recently and was under the Epu, and as i was too early for a scan they took my blood and told me if it carried on doubling then it was a good sign that it was a developing pregnancy...

I really hope so for you, my friend has had her tubes removed following 2 ectopics, and is on her 4th cycle of IvF, so i have seen what she has been through... i have everything crossed xxx

kri5ty Thu 02-Jun-11 10:39:19

also i ment to say... they told me if i had brown discharge not to worry as it is quite common x

Renaissance227 Thu 02-Jun-11 10:57:40

Doesn't sound like bad news to me. I think only bright red blood is a bad sign.
Fingers crossed for you. xx

NewMummy5July2011 Thu 02-Jun-11 11:42:08

I don't have any experience of IVF but I can say in the early days of my pregnancy I had brown spotting and a bit of dark blood when wiping. I was told this could be implantation bleeding and is very common. I'm now 35 weeks and everything is fine.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, do let us know the outcome. xx

AxyMum Thu 02-Jun-11 13:21:58

I didn't have IVF but I did have a lot of problems in early pregnancy. My first test was negative and then I had a load of abdominal pain and took another test which was positive. I was terrified it was ectopic but a scan showed it was fine.

A few weeks later I started bleeding, and a couple of weeks after that I was passing blood clots.

Luckily for me everything turned out fine and I'm now 34 weeks. I really hope this is reassuring and that everything turns out well for you too smile

cc71uk Thu 02-Jun-11 15:00:21

Thank you everyone - I am trying really hard to stay positive. I spoke to the hospital, they have told me it sounds like my period is coming but to wait till next week for the scan to see what has happened. We have been trying for years to have children and because of our history I try not to get my hopes up - but you cant help it. Can i just ask, how long can the brown discharge go on for. I have had it for over a week now. I suffered with endometriosis for years so i am hoping i just have a 'back up' of the old stuff. x

kri5ty Mon 06-Jun-11 08:22:54

cc71uk when is your scan hun, how are you feeling x

Renaissance227 Mon 06-Jun-11 09:18:54

Any news? xx

highheelsandequations Mon 06-Jun-11 09:31:26

cc71uk no experience of IVF but did have spotting, lasted from about 8 weeks to 14 weeks on and off and terrified me as I'd had a mmc previously. Some of it was a patch of uterine lining coming away and the rest of it was unexplained, although the midwife said it is very common. Also had a scare early on (before the spotting) as nothing could be seen on a scan and my HCG levels were not doubling so clinic thought it was ectopic. Everything was fine and I am now nearly 35 weeks. Hope you get some good news at your scan, keeping everything crossed for you. xx

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