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constant nausea - any tips?

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scepticalexpat Tue 24-May-11 01:04:48

Aargh. I had the same experience as you - never was sick though thought I was about to be quite a few times, and felt really awful for about 8 weeks. Agree eating helps a bit. In desperation sucking a boiled sweet also seems to help a bit (I found if I was carsick and morning sick at the same time that was almost unbearable). Other than that... lying down? In the end I concluded that there isn't much else, and personally I got quite frustrated by hearing people say cheerfully 'eat little and often... ginger tea... ginger biscuits' when actually all those things were of pretty limited help. But maybe that's just my bad luck and those tips do more for other people.

People on here will tell you that there are anti-emetic drugs that can help, but I don't think you get prescribed those 'just' for feeling sick, only if you're constantly throwing up to the point that you're not getting any nutrition. Can only imagine how much worse those people feel - felt my own experience was horrible enough.

I started feeling better at around 14 weeks, and at 16 weeks the nausea seems to have completely gone. Good luck, and hang on in there.

Cat98 Mon 23-May-11 21:23:21

I am about 8 weeks and feeling constantly sick, though I haven't been sick. I almost wish I would though if it would get rid of it! I didn't feel like this with ds, and i'm going on holiday tomorrow so need help! Eating little and often helps a bit but it returns half an hour or so after eating. Anyone else get this? What works for you? When does it stop?!

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