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Internal Scan at EPU - what to expect??

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harassedinherpants Thu 13-Jan-11 10:49:48

After 3 very minor episodes of bleeding my mw has booked me in for an internal tomorrow at the epu. Although this is my 4th dc I've never had one before, and was wondering what to expect? Am assuming that I won't be needing to drink gallons of water?!

SMummyS Thu 13-Jan-11 10:56:04

Internal scans are done with empty bladders.

jasmine51 Thu 13-Jan-11 11:14:31

Nothing to worry about - relax in the type of position you would be in for a smear. They will use a smallish probe (quite fondly described by others as dildo-cam!). The sonographer with insert it with some lube and move it around the vagina (it does not go into the cervix). There might be some minor pushing as they try and get the right angle on distant parts like the ovaries but really its a doddle. You might also get some good images of your bub with the camera so close.

No dont drink lots as the sonographer is likely to push on your tummy a bit too and they dont appreciate being weed on!

harassedinherpants Thu 13-Jan-11 14:24:20

Thank goodness for that SMS!

Jasmine - thank you, that's a great explanation. Going to have to shave my legs..... hmm.

SMummyS Thu 13-Jan-11 14:58:59

The position you have to lay in isn't the most elligant but it was a lot nicer than my smear test... Just a bit cold haha

sh77 Thu 13-Jan-11 15:05:22

Nowhere near as painful as smear.

Daisybell1 Thu 13-Jan-11 15:10:14

I've just got back from having my second internal scan in 3 days. They're fine, give a clear view, and all with the added bonus of not being desperate for a wee!

I had a bit of prodding with the first scan, as the sonographer was a trainee and she couldn't understand my bits being in the wrong place, so she applied a fair bit of pressure trying to find them! Luckily the consultant took over at that point confused

jasmine51 Thu 13-Jan-11 16:09:14

daisy the mind boggles re where your bits were! But that is a fair point, if you have a retroverted (backwards pointing)uterus there might be a bit more prodding in order to get to the fallopians etc

Daisybell1 Thu 13-Jan-11 16:25:48

Yes, I'm retroverted grin so there was a bit of confused initially. Luckily she was better at taking blood grin

littlebylittle Thu 13-Jan-11 17:00:49

I have had several internal scans and, squeamish feelings aside, find them more comfortable than external with probe pushing on full bladder.

tlise Thu 13-Jan-11 17:31:46

you shouldnt have full bladder as it obscures the view

harassedinherpants Thu 13-Jan-11 19:57:45

Thank you for all your posts. It's quite reassuring to hear it's too bad.

What's the best thing to wear? I was thinking dress because at least I might retain a smidge of decency?!

starfishmummy Thu 13-Jan-11 20:24:22

And they will probably put a condom on the probe!

tlise Thu 13-Jan-11 20:26:30

I had a skirt on, but you still have to lift it up. They usually give you some paper to cover yourself with

SlightlyTubbyHali Thu 13-Jan-11 20:27:01

Yes - when I have had them in the past a skirt has always been more dignified!

Supersunnyday Thu 13-Jan-11 23:10:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rocket100mum Tue 14-Jun-11 08:52:23

thank goodness for these messages, i am working myself up into such a state about having to have an internal scan as I expecting twins. You have made me feel so much better. Thank you so much!

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