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Baby clothes

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diyqueen Wed 12-Jan-11 17:51:35

I'd be grateful for some advice from someone who's had a baby before as I'm completely befuddled about what clothes a baby needs (am a first-timer, obviously!). I went into a shop the other day to buy some basic vests and sleepsuits, as that's what's on the hospital's list of what I'll need, but was very confused by all the different options on sale. Sleepsuits (the all in ones with feet) I get - but it's the 'vest' bit I haven't a clue on! There were: bodysuits with short sleeves, no sleeves or long sleeves and poppers between the legs, but also the same things minus poppers. Are these all for wearing under sleepsuits and it's down to personal choice (in which case which sleeve length is best?), or are there different purposes for all the different types of bodysuit/vest? Sorry if looks like a really dumb question to those in the know blush

DrSeuss Wed 12-Jan-11 18:08:57

About 6 vests (they often come in sixes), six baby grows either with built in scratch mits or also a pack of scratch mits, a fleece car blanket or may be two, 2-3 hats (the jersey, stretchy ones), snow suit if baby is expected in cold weather. Car seat or you will not be released from hospital. Vests go under body suits. DON'T buy sleepsuits which don't open nice and wide for nappy changes. I made that mistake! Wash all the clothes in non bio powder and pick your favourite for their first outfit. Nappies of your choice, be it disposable or reusable, cotton balls, sudocrem. Fancy outfits are nice but fiddly when they are all scrunched up. You may go through three or more outfits a day at first so think about how much washing you want to do. Bottles/formula/steriliser or a good pair of boobs! Most of the other stuff in Mothercare is unnecessary. You will probably get heaps of clothes as presents so maybe wait to see what you need. Moses basket/cot and sheets and blankets. Get at least two sets of sheets in case of nappy/puking incidents. Good luck!

mum295 Wed 12-Jan-11 18:17:52

I was clueless about it too. Vests are the ones with no/short sleeves. Babygros are the ones with long sleeves and feet.

Even though my DD was born on a blazing hot day in July, her blood sugar was low and the midwife insisted on vest, babygro, hat and swaddle blanket for the first 24 hours. I hadn't packed a babygro, just vests and a blanket, made me seem like a very bad mummy! DH had to go and get one from home...of course he chose one with the logo of his football team. Poor DD!

It probably wouldn't hurt to take your birth partner through all the different garments in your hospital bag, if applicable, as DH was clueless and he was the one having to dress DD whilst I was being stitched up on the bed.

trixie123 Wed 12-Jan-11 19:19:39

ok, sleepsuits yes (you can just pop the legs off and tuck it under baby's bum for nappy changes and its the only way to keep their feet warm as I found socks always just fall off). Vests underneath, I would go with short sleeves otherwise its a bit much with the sleepsuits as well. Poppers YES. DS has dungarees without them and they look fab but are a total pain. Don;t forget your DC will be alseep most of the time so the sleepsuits are pretty much what they wear 24/7 for the first few months apart from an occasional outfit if someone has bought you some. A little cardy or fleecy jacket to go over the top will be good for coming home form hosp. It depends a bit on when you are due of course. I had DS in August so he was in just a vest most of the time with a muslin cloth draped over him when he slept! Also, beware of helpful friends giving you bagloads of clothes. They are mostly doing it to clear out some loft space and unless you are really strapped for cash, you'll want to get your own anyway. Oh, and get cute hats! I recommmend H&M.

PassionKiss Wed 12-Jan-11 19:26:04

I packed for the hospital:

Short sleeve vests with poppers underneath
A couple of hats

I still dress DD (8 months) in a short sleeve vest with poppers every day under her clothes!

tlise Wed 12-Jan-11 20:09:40

don't bother with first outfits, for the first few weeks, especially if baby is sicky, its easier with baby gro's

nicolamumof3 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:47:26

depends when your baby is due, summer the sleeveless vests (popper ones) under sleepsuit or nothing if under sleepsuit, or just a vest only.

so as you can see all depends when due!!

winter you may want l/s if v.cold with a sleepsuit.

But generally short sleeve vests and sleepsuits suffice. Don't buy too many 'outfits' all in ones so much easier and comfy for newborns in first weeks.

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