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C Sect infection, Antibiotics and breastfeeding

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HappyGirl1 Mon 20-Dec-10 16:28:54

Had a c section 10 days ago and although the wound has healed v well, i'm in a lot of pain and MW said today that i have an internal infection so she has ordered me a batch of antibiotics which I'll be picking up shortly. MW said I was fine to still breastfeed with it but that baby may get more windy but just wondering if anyone has any advice / experience on this?

Chynah Mon 20-Dec-10 17:39:58

I had an internal infection after my CS and was on antibios for a week - I was feeding DD at the time and all was fine.

HappyGirl1 Tue 21-Dec-10 23:13:06

thanks for letting me know chynah

WhatSheSaid Tue 21-Dec-10 23:15:04

Same here - had a bad infection, was in hospital on intravenous antibiotics for 3 days, then on oral antibiotics for a month. No probs bfing.

AliBellandthe40jingles Tue 21-Dec-10 23:17:34

Yes I had this too and just kept BFing.

I don't know what they are giving you, but one lot I had gave DS a bit of an upset tummy and he stalled weight gain until I had finished the course - so just be aware that if your baby isn't gaining weight like the MWs or HV thinks they should be, this could be a factor.

girlafraid Wed 22-Dec-10 13:47:52

Just wanted to give you an alternative experience (not to put you off) as this happened to me but the anti biotics gave baby DS a very bad tummy, I did have to take 3 different types though

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