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Coping with sickness and looking after toddler

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PuraVida Wed 15-Dec-10 20:08:57

God I'm not even sure what I want. Dp works shifts so after I pick up Ds (18 mths) when I've finished work i then have to try to be fun and play and show him I love him, after being away all day, then cook a meal and I feel SICK. Then he'll do a big poo and I'm just finding making food and clearing up poo really hard when all I want to do is be sick and go to bed for a month sad

I know I'm lucky to be pregnant but when I was expecting Ds I felt great, no tiredness no nausea and no responsibilities and demands on my time

This time it's so much harder. I'm only 5 weeks and shouldn't moan in case it's bad karma but I just want a little cry [sob]

Thanks for listening

redundant Wed 15-Dec-10 20:18:43

I am so with you.
DD is 2, I'm 7 weeks and I feel awful (tho still better than I did last time - praying that continues!). DD is still going to childminder, even tho I am not working at the mo, as I just feel too sick and exhausted to care for her properly. Can't really afford to be doing that but am going to do it up till Christmas, and then hubby is off till early Jan, so will reassess.
No words of wisdom but I feel your pain.

PuraVida Wed 15-Dec-10 20:32:34

Nice to know I'm not alone although greatest sympathies that you are feeling sick too

Poor Ds I feel so bad for him. I can live with a grubby house and a washing mountain. I just feel so bad wishing away the short time I have with him each day so I can put him to bed and collapse amongst the filth. God I'm gloomy it must be the hormones. Sorry

JuneBugJr Wed 15-Dec-10 20:50:37

Puravida - It wont be for long that you'll feel this bad, and DS wont suffer from some standards dropping grin

I was rough with sickness from about 5 weeks onward, and if I had to give DD tea, I would make something cold, like a sandwich, or buy a pasta readymeal for her. Not ideal, as I usually cook from scratch, but much easier, and only for a little while. Dont be afraid to chuck Cbeebies on, while you lay down and cuddle up with him. If you feel absolutely knackered, take some time off work, early pregnancy and work is tough. I stuck it out with DD, and was dragging myself in, infact I went to work 5 days after getting out of a long hospital stay for hyperemesis. Needless to say you get no thanks for it. This time, I listened to my body more, and cared less I suppose!

Sorry cant help with the poo situation. DD was toilet trained, thank god grin.

Early pregnancy and toddler has got to be one of the hardest things Ive done in my life. Id take labour over it. Best of luck and whine away if it helps x

PuraVida Wed 15-Dec-10 21:29:23

Aw thanks junebug. You're so right a sandwich would be easier and I'm sure the guilt will subside. Cheers you've made me feel brighter smile

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