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Does nesting mean early baby?

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CrazyChristmasLady Sun 12-Dec-10 12:37:30

I am nesting like crazy! I can't stop which means I have got loads sorted that I have been dying to do for ages.

I am only 31 weeks though and it has been going on for a little while.

A friend of mine recently said "sounds like baby will be early"

Is this one of those old wives tales or is it genuinely a sign?

I had no nesting last time as I hated where we were living so sorry if it is a very daft question! blush

GeekLove Sun 12-Dec-10 18:49:22

Not necessarily, I had the urge to nest at 20wks and 31wks and mine was born at 39wks. Mind you I was able to get some DIY sone in the time!

CrazyChristmasLady Sun 12-Dec-10 18:50:58

Thank goodness. DS was 10 days early and this one is due 9 days after his birthday and the day before his original due date. We are doing a small birthday party a week early for him but I really would like to have his birthday first.

iwilldothis Sun 12-Dec-10 19:06:00

nope, I nested and DD was 4 days late

bessie26 Sun 12-Dec-10 21:31:53

I hadn't done any nesting before DD arrived at 33+5 - mind you, DH reckons I will never nest as I hate housework so much! grin

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