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TAMBA course if you already have a child.

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BagofHolly Mon 06-Dec-10 19:32:20

Did any of you do the course and was it worth it? We had specifically asked when we booked, to go on a course with other couples who already have a child but the leader called today to say we're the only ones who are already parents. She didn't instil any confidence at all and just said that for the bits about handling a new baby, nappies, etc we could sit somewhere else and she would give us some other things to think about! She said the morning would be useful as it covers labour and birth of twins. I explained that I'm having an ELCS, it's booked etc and she snorted and said "oh lots of ladies say they're going to have a section but then they go into labour and it's too late." Er, no. No way. So on balance, this course doesn't seem for us. I've asked for a refund but they're trying to get us on a course at a different venue with couples there who already have children. So has anyone been on it? What did you get out of it, esp stuff related specifically to twins and a sibling?

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