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19 days to go..

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lilmamma Sun 05-Dec-10 10:15:26

omg,im getting a bit scared now..Iam going to be a birth partner for my dd,alomg with her partner.we again had another look at the labour room,and the midwife showed us all the things in the cupboard,the sterile pack with sissors and clamps,and i felt a bit sick.

I have had 4 children,but its different to be with someone,and she showed us the ward,with a tiny baby all wrapped in his little cot and i thought i was going to cry,i couldnt speak.

I just hope i dont end up crying and going to dd has a real bad needle phobia,and said all she wants is gas and air.But i dont know if she will be able to manage with just this.she was also worried about pooing on the bed during birth,the lovely midwife went through a huge book,with lots of pictures,which showed the bowel getting squashed flat,so no proper poo can get out,only watery runs etc,so she is happier about that.

one thing less to worry about,i told her, do you think the midwife wil hold up the sheet and say look everyone she has done a poo, i said no, she will be very discreet and just whip the liner from under you .

Her partner isnt sure about cutting the cord and said to me,will i do it,i never really gave it a thought and feel bad if he or me doesnt do it.they also said she can come home after 6 hours if it is a straight forward birth..i personally feel this is far too quick,what if she needs help breastfeeding as i know it took me a few days to get going,or she starts to bleed etc,iam not happy about that.

They have closed off the single rooms,so she will be in a bay with 6 other beds,which i think i better,esp with a first baby as you can ask the other mums if you need any help or questions to be much to worry about,as my dd is only 17 and her partner is aswell,i feel i will need to support him as well as her,and i have told him i will apoligise now incase i shout at him and not to take it personally,he said he wont lol.

He is a good lad,hard worker is training to be a football coach,does college and 6th form plus a weekend job,working long hours,they have bought most of the baby items themselves and only had help from family to get the pram.I dont want to feel i will let them down,as im usually the strong sensible one,and hope i dont end up a crying useless mess..I suppose its just nerves getting to me,and my dd is so laid back and not at all worried,which makes me nervous,she isnt silly she knows all about the pain etc,has friends who have told her everything and anything,which they went through,some quite graphic.but she remains calm,hope i will be aswell..

stickersarecurrency Sun 05-Dec-10 10:23:35

You sound like a lovely supportive mum. I'm sure when it comes to it you will be there for her. Good luck

lilmamma Sun 05-Dec-10 10:31:53

Thanks f

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