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Chiropractors in London - recommendations?

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Sparklies Fri 03-Dec-10 17:00:10

I get really, really bad SPD in pregnancy (I was using a wheelchair for anything over 50 yards by 25 weeks last time) and the NHS physio offering is just the token pair of crutches which is a chocolate teapot for me. I'm 17 weeks now and suffering badly already.

I have heard lots of people swear by chiropractors or osteopaths, so I thought I would give that a go this time out!

I have found out through some miracle that my husband's work BUPA cover will cover me for this treatment (in case anyone is wondering how on earth I managed that given it is pregnancy-related, I still have some soreness between pregnancies so they are treating it as a chronic condition that is currently flaring up) which is a massive relief as cash is tight.

I live in SE London, and unfortunately the only day I can get treatment would usually be a Friday as both my children are at nursery on that day. That rules out the British School of Osteopathy sadly as they are Tuesday/Thursday for their pregnancy clinics plus they probably don't take BUPA ;-)

So any recommendations for great chiropractors or even osteopaths who specialise in pregnancy in London very welcome. SE London preferred as I could just drive there, but anywhere easily reachable from London Bridge/Charing Cross/Waterloo would be fabulous too as travelling too far from the train stations is painful.

Thank you!!

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