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Stomach pains in early pregnancy?

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Buster1 Sat 23-Aug-03 11:23:26

I am 7 weeks pregnant for the first time and suffering from what appears to be the normal symptoms such as nausea (with no vomiting) and unbelievable tiredness. The thing I am a bit worried about is that I have stomach pains from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep. They are a bit like period cramps but obviously not that. Is this anything to be worried about and what can I do to get rid of them.

bunny2 Sat 23-Aug-03 11:37:49

Hello Buster1, I am 5 wks and have been having the same. They are much milder than period pains but the same type of feeling. I think it is perfectly normal and to do with all the activity going on in that region. Is this your first pg?

hewlettsdaughter Sat 23-Aug-03 13:13:31

Hi Buster1. If you look at the start of the Anyone due in April 2004?! thread, then there are people on there describing the same thing too.

moosh Sat 23-Aug-03 13:55:42

Nothing to worry about, I am 12 weeks and still get those pains every now and again and this is my second child. I think it is to do with everything changing and expanding in the area. Please don't worry.

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