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cheryllouise27 Fri 26-Nov-10 00:21:31

Hi, i took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago it was positive then i took another one the next day and that was negative, then 3 days later i bled for nearly 48hours had cramp but it wasn't like period pain its was strange don't know exactly how to explain it tbh.....then this week im on my period,
have i had a miscarriage? how would i know? i thought it was severly painful, and that you would definatly know?
if it was a miscarriage, what do i do know? do i see a doctor or just leave it???

lucykate Fri 26-Nov-10 00:24:22

i would see a doctor tbh, they might suggest a blood test. it's worth just making sure what's happened as if it was a m/c, is there's anything left behind, it could cause an infection. best to be on the safe side.

japhrimel Fri 26-Nov-10 07:13:54

Yes, that was a very early MC. As you're bleeding again, you should see the doctor to get checked out. Most very early MCs are complete and natural, but the usual advice is that you should stop bleeding within a week, along with getting a negative test result, to know it's over.

Modern home pregnancy tests are so accurate, we can know we're pregnant at no more than 10 days after conception and the risks of miscarriage at that stage are very high. If the blastocyst doesn't implant properly, you'll miscarry but it may be just like a strange period as there's only a tiny ball of cells to lose.

jasmine51 Fri 26-Nov-10 09:31:31

It sounds like it yes, but get yourself checked out and let your GP know. The reason for the latter is, everything truly crossed that it never happens again, but if it does, you will have a record of it. That means if you need investigations, it will 'count' towards the 2 or 3 the NHS require before they offer you help. This may seem like a horrible idea, and I'm sorry if it seems distastful at this distressing time, but my own GP took the view 'no record of mc, then no help'. I had to have 4 before I 'qualified' because I didnt register one of them with my GP. I would hate to think of anyone else being treated like this. Dont worry though, repeat mcs are still very rare.
Look after yourself and good luck trying again

sh77 Fri 26-Nov-10 10:30:40

Sounds like what I went through with v early MC. I agree with previous poster re informing GP so that it is on your record. My GP was totally unsympathetic. I got preg again the follwoing month. I read that you are more fertile follwoing a MC - not sure is research backs that up though.

cheryllouise27 Fri 26-Nov-10 20:05:30

thank you everyone x

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