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Early mc, so down grrr feeling a bit stupid too

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heksie Wed 10-Nov-10 15:47:42

I was on MN a few years ago under another name but forgot my logon etc so hi everybody.

Need to vent-share-scream!!!!

I conceived and was 5 weeks along, then started bleeding over the weekend.

My 2 home pg tests showed two pink pg lines even up to the night of the bleed (i did one on 1 Nov and another on 6 Nov and read correctly within the 3 mins on the instructions). But the hospital said the hg hormone level in my blood was low so its termed as early mc without implantation. I got a lecture about using 'early' pg tests as they 'confuse' you by reading the lower levels of hormone and indicating you are pg when you really still can lose the embryo and it hasn't implanted.

Anyone else in the same situation? Full of hormones, nothing to mourn really except the feeling of disappointment and annoyance for getting my hopes up!

happycamel Wed 10-Nov-10 17:35:40


I had an m/c at 7 weeks - so just far enough along to be sure. Hadn't got as far as midwife/hospital etc as we'd only known for a week. I booked in at the GP when I started bleeding and he said it happens to 1 in 3 pregnancies and I was just unlucky it went long enough for me to know.

It isn't easy. It's okay to mourn. My mum said "but it wasn't really a baby" to me, which got me pretty upset because it was to me, I'd felt the excitement and seen a positive result. What on earth else could it be?!

You have lost someone (actually I hate that term, sounds like you put it down somewhere and forgot about it). Your tiny embryo died, of course you should grieve.

But you also need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have another go in a couple of months. It's good to mourn and bad to dwell on it. It's normal, can't be helped and has no implications for your next pregnancy. If you've found this really hard then maybe do leave testing a bit longer next time. I waited 'til I was 6 weeks even though I'd be suspicious for a while this time.

I hope that helps, ((hugs))

pinkyp Wed 10-Nov-10 19:09:37

I know someone who did a early test but then started bleeding, she also got told off for doing a early test as if she didnt she'd just think her period was late.Its still as bad as a misscarridge imo. hope ur ok

hairytriangle Wed 10-Nov-10 19:25:25

so very sorry. I don't think people realise how desperate you are to know when you are trying. Take it easy on yourself. It's cruel of anyone to lecture you about anything when you've just miscarried.

japhrimel Wed 10-Nov-10 20:29:18

You don't get hcg in your pee until implantation. Okay, implantation may not have happened properly but if it hasn't happened at all, you can't get a positive test.

A very early miscarriage is still a miscarriage.

bessie26 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:33:18

ditto what japhrimel says about HCG & implantation.

I mc at 5wks and while the nurses at the hospital were very nice to me, the consultant was quite blunt & rude, implying I was wasting their time (my GP had referred me) by going there as I hadn't been "properly" pg in the first place.

It sucks, but life goes on... after mine we had a couple of months off to enjoy some wine & then got back to it - am now 16wks

chandellina Thu 11-Nov-10 07:55:44

i'm sorry for your loss and agree the hospital was very insensitive.

heksie Sat 13-Nov-10 20:28:28

thanks ladies for your support, doing fine today, got a LARGE glass of wine in my hand and demolished a whole slab of chocolate, trying to just get through the week.

happycamel thanks I think you really summed it up there, I need to mourn as I was SO excited and had so many symptoms and flip I was pregnant and it doesn't matter how far along, I believed it! I am keeping my chin up and will be making sure I eat well, keep healthy and not put myself under too much pressure!

Thanks everyone who replied. Phew, burden shared = burden halved!

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